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April 12, 2021

Linda Lubbe,



How would you describe your experience using MEDEDI?

The utilisation of the medical software suits our five man practice very well, using the calendar for bookings, the doctors' billing and our office accounting.

The system is user friendly and accounts breakdowns very clear and easy to understand even for users with limited accounting experience. This is especially true for the allocations of payments and how they can be investigated at the transaction history level.


If you could highlight a part of the system that is most helpful to your practice, what would it be and why?

Electronic Remittance Advice's (ERA's) are definitely an asset. Using ERA's save a huge amount of time I would otherwise have used allocating payments. Then there are the benefit checks of course, which is an easy, quick method to ensure payments are made, by checking whether a patient has exhausted their savings.


Are there any other areas in the management of your practice where MEDEDI has added value?

Billings of more than one day hospital admissions save a lot of time.


Why did you choose to use MEDEDI over other medical billing software solutions available in the market?

The spot-on support assistance is definitely a stand-out. Whether telephonically or remotely this is for sure a hot line in every sense of the word! Another positive would be the year-end and month-end reports, these are user friendly and provide clear breakdowns.

How does MEDEDI assist you in managing your practice successfully?

The reports are very easy to read, which simplifies our day-to-day tasks. The patient communication via SMS and email assist greatly with collection of payments.

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