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CGM Hosted solution improves practice efficiency

September 6, 2021

Famfocus Team,

Medical Practice


How long has your practice been on the CGM cloud hosted solution?

9 months


How would you describe your experience using Practice Perfect on the cloud? 

I would rate the experience as great; everything is just so much easier. It’s like you have your whole file cabinet on your computer, making referencing so much quicker. We are still in the process of shifting to be completely paperless and it is already a breeze using Practice Perfect.


In your opinion, what are the top three advantages of using a hosted solution?

1. You can work remotely, accessing the system anytime, anywhere.

2. No delays. It’s as if the hosted solution simply works faster.

3. The upload/export of documents and reports work much better and it’s more convenient, which was a big deal for us because we are extremely reliant on our reports.


What made you decide to move to a cloud hosted solution?

Our servers became overloaded which slowed down our systems considerably. This played a big part in us making the decision to move all our practices to move to the cloud. Our server became too full if I can put it like that. So, there was a lot of lagging, etc. so it just made sense in a business and practical view.


Is there anything specific that needs to be considered when moving to the cloud?

Not really. If there is one thing to note, it would be that it takes a few hours to do the conversion. Be sure to double check your appointments, so that you’re not fully booked and  you are able to cope when the system is down.


How did CGM support you to move from local to the cloud hosted solution?

The move was done remotely, and we were talked through the move step by step. The CGM team kept us informed the progress and changes that were made. The support team went through a short navigation at the end just to make sure all the users and Doctors understood everything.

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