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Investor Relations
Eine Person tippt mit dem Finger auf ein Tablet-PC mit einer Investor-Relations-Präsentation
Eine junge Frau telefoniert mit ihrem Smartphone, während sie einen Tablet-PC hält
CGM Global
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CGM Academy

How is it like to be a Mentee and then get hired at CGM?

Prepare to meet one of the funniest and the most professional „couples” within CGM: Edi, the Mentor...

CGM Academy
5 vacancies are now open in our One-to-one Paid Mentorship Program on FrontEnd

While everybody is launching St. Valentine`s campaigns, we are launching a new edition of CGM Academy. So, drums ...

CGM Academy
Get ready for The CGM Academy Mentorship Program. Are you the mentee we`re looking for?

4 years ago, we launched CGM Academy, a Mentorship Program designed to recruit the most promising ...

CGM Academy
First days as a mentee in CGM Mentorship Program

In CGM, we believe that knowledge is the greatest asset that any individual owns. Individuals potential must be ...

CGM Academy