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5 vacancies are now open in our One-to-one Paid Mentorship Program on FrontEnd

February 13, 2022

While everybody is launching St. Valentine`s campaigns, we are launching a new edition of CGM Academy. So, drums please, because we are announcing 5 vacancies in our FrontEnd Mentorship Program, February Edition. Are you the one we are looking for? Keep reading and find out, because there are a lot of cool things waiting for you here! 

What is in for you?

  • It is a one-to-one mentorship, so each mentee that will be accepted will work directly with one of the 5 mentors from this edition; 
  • The technologies available are 3 positions for Angular and 2 for React; 
  • It is a paid mentorship program, so, if you are accepted, you will be paid as a mentee - working contract on a determined period, starting salary, the benefits package available for all the CGMers; 
  • You will have access to all the resources that you need (hardware, e-learning platforms, internal courses, both English and technical) 
  • The mentorship lasts 3 months (this period can be reduced or extended, depending on the abilities of the mentees and their evolution) and it consists of 6 weeks of intensive training for both technical and non-technical topics and another 6 weeks of practical training under the careful guidance of our mentors; 
  • The focus will be on you obtaining the perfect programming skills for this level and also on preparing you to work on real projects in order to develop software products; 
  • You can gain quality experience in IT, you have access to advanced techniques in programming, you have the chance to work with amazing teams and you can contribute to some of the most important software products within the medical system. Plus, you will have access to some cool internal events and some incredible parties. 

You should apply if

You have potential and you want to start your career in IT;   

You want to learn and you are already working on this;   

You have a basic knowledge of programming (FrontEnd technologies);   

You are a student or a graduate;   

You want a professional reconversion and you have graduated some specialized courses in IT or you have learned the basics in programming;   

You want to get hired and continue working with us after the program ends;   

You are dedicated, open, communicative, with initiative and responsible. 

Meet the mentors

Tudor Căpraru is working with us for a year and now it is time for him to show his mentoring skills. He is ready to help his mentee to grow knowledge and to have all it takes to get hired on a junior level.  

I`m expecting that my mentee is serious. I remember when I was an intern, many years ago, that I stayed at the office 8 hours a day instead of 2, I read a lot and I asked a lot of questions. If he or she is serious about this program, then it will be much easier for both of us to work together and to achieve our learning objectives.”  

Tudor also said that what he loves about CGM is the team, the cool people, the projects, the autonomy, the communication and the relaxed environment. So, if you want to work in such an environment and to have Tudor as your mentor, apply to our FrontEnd Mentorship Program and enjoy the ride.

Robert has one of the greatest stories in CGM and, also, he is one of the fastest growing persons that we ever met. And we are extremely proud of him. In the beginnings, he used to be a receptionist at the building that we used to work in, and we noticed him ever since. He was extremely curious, he was studying IT by himself and he was asking us a lot of questions about the industry. He was determined to learn and to become a programmer. One of the best ones, of course. Our colleagues called him for a mentorship program and the rest is history. Now, after years of learning and hard but pleasant work, Robert Ciubotariu is a FrontEnd Developer and a Mentor within CGM, and he is ready to find his mentee.  

I am ready to share my knowledge and take it to another level. I want my mentee to be interested in programming and learning. If he or she has interest, then we can build from there. I recommend all the candidates to have courage and to trust their mentors, because here, at CGM, not only that we work with the latest technologies, but we are more than colleagues. We are friends. We are family.”  

Yes, it is time to join our family and to become one of our 5 Mentees on FrontEnd. If you feel that you have the courage to be the one, give us a sign and let us know what your story is.

He felt in love with programming in highschool, when he realized that this is what he wanted to do as a career. After studying programming in college, and also by himself, Cătălin Dragomirescu went for an Internship Program within CGM. He learned a lot from his mentors, Loredana Armanu and Paul Sticea, so he immediately felt in love with CGM. And he remained. Now, after several years, he is a FrontEnd Developer and a Mentor into our FrontEnd Mentorship Program, looking for his mentee.  

I decided to be a mentor because I saw what amazing things my colleagues were doing within the mentorship programs, and I wanted to do the same. Plus, I simply loved each time I taught someone new, so I felt ready to share my knowledge on the next level. I recommend people to apply, because it is an amazing opportunity. It will help them adapt, grow and learn how to work with real projects in real teams. All this along with all the benefits: a mentee salary, cool people to work with, amazing events and team buildings, the conditions and the vibe.”  

On February 27 is the last day to apply and to get a chance to participate in our paid one-to-one Mentorship Program on FrontEnd, so make sure you don`t miss it.

Silviu Durduc is one of the founders of CGM Romania. He is Functional Lead, Full Stack Developer, Architect and, also, a Mentor. Within CGM, he loves most the people and the projects, so if you want to work with Silviu and his team, here is what you must know:  

I expect my mentee to have basic knowledge in FrontEnd, to be passionate about IT, to be inclined towards programming and to be open for learning. All the selected mentees will gain real experience in IT, will deal with advanced programming techniques, will learn how to work in an IT team and they will have the chance to contribute to some really cool software products on the international medical markets.”  

It is time that you learn IT from the best people in the industry. It is time to apply to our paid one to one Mentorship Program and become part of the CGM FrontEnd Community. Today is not only the last day, today is the day

He graduated from an IT high school in Constanța, then moved to Iași for an IT college. He works in IT for almost 8 years. One year ago he joined us as a FrontEnd Developer and he already became a Functional Lead and a Mentor. He was a mentor before in other companies that he used to work, but now Mihai Valache is ready to do his magic again.  

I prefer these one-on-one mentorship programs, rather than trainings or presentations, because I think that they are the best method to teach someone, to guide them and to raise their knowledge. I expect my mentee to be eager to learn and to have the basic skills in IT. We can build together from there. And I am sure that he or she will love working here, as much as I do. I`ll be honest: I love the salary, the benefits, the team. So why not joining CGM?”  

Exactly, why not joining CGM? Plus, you have now the chance to be selected for our one-to-one paid Mentorship Program for FrontEnd Developers, so, wait no more and apply. 

Are you ready?

Check out our social media accounts these days to find out what the other mentees are saying about our Mentorship Program. You can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

It is more than a 3 months mentorship program. It is an experience that will get us together in order to remain colleagues at CGM even after the program ends. We will teach you everything you need to know about programming, team work and IT industry and you will have the opportunity to grow, to work with some really cool people and also get paid for it. It`s a win-win situation. All you have to do is really wanting this position and convince us that you`re the one.   

Apply here from February 14 until March 6 and be part of this beautiful story called your career. Be ALL IN for the Mentorship Program CGM Academy - February Edition and share the love for IT.

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