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Get ready for The CGM Academy Mentorship Program. Are you the mentee we`re looking for?

October 28, 2021

4 years ago, we launched CGM Academy, a Mentorship Program designed to recruit the most promising students, alumni and young professionals that are determined to learn and grow their careers. During these 4 years, 100 people were selected to participate in our mentorship program and 75 of them were hired to work with us after the mentorship was ended. 

This year, we are launching a new edition of our CGM Mentorship Program for FrontEnd Developers and here is what you must know about the benefits that we offer you. 

What benefits we offer you

  • It is a one-to-one mentorship, so each mentee that will be accepted will work directly with one of the 10 mentors from this year`s edition;
  • The technologies available are 7 positions for Angular and 3 for React;
  • It is a paid mentorship program, so, if you are accepted, you will be paid as a mentee - working contract on a determined period, starting salary, the benefits package available for all the CGMers;
  • You will have access to all the resources that you need (hardware, e-learning platforms, internal courses, both English and technical)
  • The mentorship lasts 3 months (this period can be reduced or extended, depending on the abilities of the mentees and their evolution) and it consists of 6 weeks of intensive training for both technical and non-technical topics and another 6 weeks of practical training under the careful guidance of our mentors;
  • The focus will be on you obtaining the perfect programming skills for this level and also on preparing you to work on real projects in order to develop software products;
  • You can gain quality experience in IT, you have access to advanced techniques in programming, you have the chance to work with amazing teams and you can contribute to some of the most important software products within the medical system. Plus, you will have access to some cool internal events and some incredible parties.

Who should apply to our Mentorship 

  • People who have potential and who want to start their careers in IT;  
  • People who want to learn and are already working on this;  
  • People with a basic knowledge of programming (FrontEnd technologies);  
  • Students or graduates;  
  • People who want a professional reconversion and they have graduated some specialized courses in IT or have learned the basics in programming;  
  • People who want to get hired and continue working with us after the program ends;  
  • People dedicated, open, communicative, with initiative and responsible. 

Meet the Mentors

The 2021 Mentorship Program mentors are: Cătălina Gavril, Cătălin Dragomirescu, Daniel Sandu, George Augustin, Iulian Redinciuc, Mihai Valache, Robert Ciubotariu, Tudor Căpraru, Sergiu Miron, Silviu Durduc

We spoke with all of them, and we asked them what their expectations from their mentees are and why you should apply to our Mentorship Program. All ten of them mentioned, among others, that the mentees selected must have the desire to learn and the pleasure of programming. Let`s see what else they said some of them, and what you should know! 

Tudor Căpraru, FrontEnd Developer & Mentor
I`m expecting that my mentee is serious. I remember when I was an intern, many years ago, that I stayed at the office 8 hours a day instead of 2, I read a lot and I asked a lot of questions. If he or she is serious about this program, then it will be much easier for both of us to work together and to achieve our learning objectives.

Tudor Căpraru, FrontEnd Developer & Mentor

Robert Ciubotariu, FrontEnd Developer & Mentor
I want my mentee to be interested in programming and learning. If he or she has interest, then we can build from there. I recommend all the candidates to have courage and to trust their mentors, because here, at CGM, not only that we work with the latest technologies, but we are more than colleagues. We are friends. We are family.

Robert Ciubotariu, FrontEnd Developer & Mentor

Sergiu Miron, FrontEnd Developer & Mentor
What I love most about working at CGM is that the people are dedicated to what they do, there is no waste of time and everybody has a good vibe. So, if you join us as a mentee, leave your fears apart and expect to find cool people. I know how hard it can be at the beginning of your career and how important it is to have a good mentor, but I also know that we will be there for you and that the perfect mentorships are this one-to-one type, as we developed at CGM. Be open, be transparent and ask many questions. Now it`s your time to learn.

Sergiu Miron, FrontEnd Developer & Mentor

Meet the mentees and ex-mentees

Not only our mentors have a message for you. We discussed also with some of our previous mentees that are now Juniors within CGM. Let`s see how this Mentorship Program was for them!

Emil Horomnea, ex-mentee, now Junior BackEnd Developer at CGM
When I came for the interview for mentee at CGM, I just knew that this is the right place for me. I had an amazing mentor who was patient with me, he offered me support and constant feedback. I simply saw the progress from one week to another. There were 3 incredible months in which I learned so much. Anybody should be lucky with such an experience. I recommend this Mentorship Program because it is an incredible opportunity for those who have a technical background at entry-level. So, don`t be afraid of the big amount of information, don`t be ashamed if you don`t know something and ask a lot of questions.

Emil Horomnea, ex-mentee, now Junior BackEnd Developer at CGM

Georgiana Andrieș, ex-mentee, now Junior FrontEnd Developer at CGM
At first, I did not want to apply because... I was scared. I was terrified that I would not make it and that I would not handle it. I was extremely insecure, so a friend of mine forced me to apply. Now, I regret nothing, and I am happy that I applied, because I realized that this is the main objective of a mentorship program: to learn, to raise, to grow. Plus, I had an amazing mentor who helped me so much and who gave me the exact tasks that I needed to complete in order to prepare myself for the real projects. Now I am enjoying my position as Junior FrontEnd Developer within CGM and I love everything around here: the medical projects, the incredible people, the chilled vibe and all the cool internal activities organized for us by the HR and PR departments.

Georgiana Andrieș, ex-mentee, now Junior FrontEnd Developer at CGM

You can also read this testimonial wrote by Georgiana by the time she was a mentee at CGM.  

Wanna find out more about what it is like to be a mentee within the Mentorship Program at CGM Academy? We will give you more. Here are some thoughts of some of the mentees that are now in the program: 

Andra Ignat, Mentee UX Designer at CGM
I was actively looking for a Mentorship Program, so when I found the announcement from CGM I applied immediately. I received a challenge by email, I did good, and they called me for an interview. It was a perfect match, and I just knew that I wanted to work here. I started the program in August, and in October I`ve already received an offer from CGM, which, of course, I accepted. I love working here mostly because the needs of the employees are situated in the first place, because we are listened to and because feedback and communication are highly important. I strongly recommend you apply for a mentee position, because it is a mentorship program where you will actually learn something and get involved in real cool projects.

Andra Ignat, Mentee UX Designer at CGM

Geanina Cardașim, Mentee Manual Tester at CGM
The interview at CGM was my favorite interview. I loved it that it was extremely practical, and that the interviewers wanted to see how I think, how I would do in certain situations. I am not going to lie to you: it is not easy. The amount of information is quite big, but the people around me are eager to help and I feel motivated to succeed. My advice to you is to try and to never give up. I am extremely grateful for this chance, because it is exactly what I wished for, so it is a win-win situation.

Geanina Cardașim, Mentee Manual Tester at CGM

It is more than a 3 months mentorship program. It is an experience that will get us together in order to remain colleagues at CGM even after the program ends. We will teach you everything you need to know about programming, team work and IT industry and you will have the opportunity to grow, to work with some really cool people and also get paid for it. Like Geanina said, it`s a win-win situation. All you have to do is really wanting this position and convince us that you`re the one.  

Apply here until November 11 and be part of this beautiful story called your career. Be ALL IN for the Mentorship Program CGM Academy 2021 Winter Edition. 

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