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We support your personal development. Your knowledge and competencies will be put to good use. We are actively committed to ensuring that your individual strengths are used to fill a position that suits you best.

To keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date, we regularly have conversations on your training and educational needs. Whether "on-the-job “or „off-the-job “, we offer many possibilities for you to build upon your strengths and develop your potential. For our management, personnel and employees, we offer comprehensive internal training and work together with outstanding trainers to further develop your competencies.

We are always looking to bring on talented and motivated individuals who have the skills and drive needed to be part of our winning team.


CGM – three letters that stand for intelligent eHealth solutions and excellent medical care. For us, medical information technologies are the key to better patient care.


The great enthusiasm, expertise, and above all the creativity of our employees have always been, and still remain, the essential cornerstones for further growth. To succeed in the rapidly changing healthcare sector, we need to constantly develop innovative products and solutions.

Flexibility and transparency are crucial to our market success, and are also key qualities that successful applicants must bring to the table. If you are a team player, committed to further professional development and enjoy facing challenges, you may fit our profile.

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