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How is it like to be a Mentee and then get hired at CGM?

February 21, 2022

Prepare to meet one of the funniest and the most professional „couples” within CGM: Edi, the Mentor & Andrei, the Mentee. Well, the ex-mentee. They met three months ago, when Andrei was accepted in our Mentorship Program. He stepped into the office, waiting for his Mentor and not knowing what he looks like. Someone came to him and asked him who his mentor was. When he said that Edi Bosnea was his Mentor, that person told him extremely serious that Edi is one of the cruelest guys around and that Andrei will have a not so cool mentorship with him. Of course, that man was Edi Bosnea himself, showing to Andrei just a sneak peek of the fun, the pranks and the joy that he will have during the mentorship. Because this is how we like to do things around, learning each day, but not forgetting to have fun together.  

Meet Andrei Mutescu - The ex-Mentee

Andrei Mutescu comes from Rădăuți, Suceava, where he graduated from a local highschool, specialized in mathematics and informatics. His mathematics highschool teacher taught him the love for this domain, so he knew this was his path. He came to Iași for college, and he chose Mathematics School, because he likes to test his limits with the hardest challenges. Not only that he was accepted, but he successfully graduated, so he moved his steps to a career.  

He found out about our BackEnd Mentorship Program on LinkedIn. He got specialized during college in C#, when his teacher shared his passion and his knowledge, so Andrei ended up creating a vacuum robot. He wanted to learn more, so he applied at CGM. Everyone liked him so much and got really impressed with him, so he instantly became a mentee.

I have participated in other Mentorship Programs, but this one is by far the coolest one. I love it here, because the focus is on people. Everybody is helping you and the entire atmosphere is very chill. And Edi is definitely the best Mentor that someone could have. We talk a lot, we laugh a lot, and he teaches me so many things. I strongly recommend this Mentorship Program, because you can learn really good from the best people, in a relaxed environment.

After three months of Mentorship, he was offered a job within CGM, that he obviously accepted. So now Andrei is a full-time Software Developer, continuing his work with Edi and the rest of the team. In his spare time, he is doing Capoeira, animations, drawing, gaming, sports and listening to metal, his favorite type of music. And, of course, joking a lot with his new old friend, Edi.

Meet Edi Bosnea - The Mentor

Well, when it comes of C#, Edi Bosnea has more than 10 years of experience. And the last 4 of them where within CGM, where he worked on C#, FrontEnd, .net and Java. He is working on TEO, one of the most important platforms in our company, a project that he now shares with Andrei.  

Andrei was his first mentee and they connected immediately. With his typical humor, Edi says that Andrei reminds him of himself, when he was... 12, and that he could not ask for a better mentee. He also knows how good Andrei is on his job, so he has big plans for him: in maximum one year Andrei will become a FullStack Developer.

I recommend the Mentorship Programs within CGM, because they are very practical. We`re talking about paid one-to-one mentorship programs, that can teach you everything you need to know in this field and that prepares you for working in IT. And, of course, I must say that not all the mentees will be as lucky as Andrei was, because he had me as his Mentor.

Maybe you won`t have the luck of having Edi as your Mentor, but you will definitely have the luck of having one of our amazing mentors within CGM. And you will have Edi and Andrei as your colleagues, along with the rest of the CGMers. Well, if you have what it takes to apply and to be accepted in our Mentorship Program. Do you? Bring it on!

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