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Learn all about the vision, mission as well as the people who shape CompuGroup Medical worldwide. 

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Our mission

CGM Romania saves lives by providing a supportive, stable environment that facilitates learning, innovation, and collaboration for our colleagues, allowing us to create user-oriented, reliable software for the entire healthcare industry.


Our values


1.  Professionalism

 ·      Punctual

·       Responsible

·       Respectful

·       Honest

·       Eager to learn

Professionalism means acting as an adult who takes responsibility, who is punctual, polite and honest. It is about transparency, ethics, and about understanding the power of continuous learning and being aligned with our common interests.


2.  Purpose

 ·      Consistent

·       Courageous

·       Innovative

·       User-oriented

Having a purpose is a state of mind of having an end goal with clear direction in front of us. It is about understanding why we are doing what we are doing and being proud for contributing to the global eHealth revolution.


3.  Dedication

·       Proactive

·       Committed

·       Passionate

·       Persistent

By dedication, we understand passion, enthusiasm, commitment, faithfulness and proactiveness. It is all about being present, helping others to grow, having the feedback culture, inspiring others with your personal positive energy and leading them by example.


4.  Camaraderie

·       Trusting

·       Loyal

·       Supportive

·       Empathetic

We are in this together. We value trust. We take pride in working together, while being open, and empathetic with each other. The challenges that we share define us and together we can aim high for the best.