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Learn all about the vision, mission as well as the people who shape CompuGroup Medical worldwide. 

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Health is our greatest asset

A person’s health is their most valuable possession. With intelligent IT, we help people preserve it. We encourage communication in the healthcare sector and ensure that costs are kept low. Every person should be able to benefit from medical progress with the help of IT.

We enable the best healthcare:

  • through available, structured medical data
  • through optimizing provider workflow
  • through Software Assisted Medicine (SAM) solutions and
  • through progressive and direct communication between doctor and patient via our online services

 We help to heal

Providing optimal treatment

We support medical care providers in supplying the best treatment in a cost-efficient way. Medical and administrative data is provided when and where it is needed. With our broad customer base and extensive market experience, we are the driving force for more cooperation and efficient treatment.


Getting patients involved

Every person should have a say in their treatment and find enjoyment in staying healthy. They should be informed and actively engaged in this process. We provide digitally personal and medical data to our patients in a holistic and secure manner.


Vital information - at the right time and place

Worldwide, medical treatments are becoming vital, scientific breakthroughs making new therapies available. Also, the IT community contributes significantly to keeping costs low and bringing successful treatments for people.


More communication in the healthcare sector

Several hundred thousand of customers have put their trust in us.  Working closely together, we are developing new effective solutions for the healthcare sector. Our wide and diverse customer base enables us to discover better and more efficient ways of working for our customers.


Global responsibility

Nowadays, healthcare systems of western industrialized countries are facing similar challenges, whether it is a lack of personnel or diabetes treatment. We bring our experience to the international market and improve treatments for the well-being of patients.