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Together we aim to create a friendly work environment where you can be yourself, communicate openly and feel comfortable. Even more, CGM Software Romania offers a very nice benefits package that includes:

What we offer

Mixed teams

We work in mixed teams. Some of our colleagues are based in different countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, and so on. Every day, we collaborate and learn from each other by sharing experience.

A modern and attractive work environment

We have a place just right for us, a place where we left our mark, where we combined the workspace with the recreation area, and where we feel comfortable and safe.

Competitive salary

Our teams develop products for a very specific niche of a highly competitive healthcare sector, and we are constantly in contact with the market to make sure that our salaries are in line with the industry standards.

Training sessions and certifications

We encourage and support continuous learning and self-development by giving everyone the opportunity to be in control of what and how they learn. To be up to date with the latest procedures and technologies, our company offers a wide range of training and workshops framed in the team budget without any retention clauses.

Meal tickets

As a non-wage benefit, every employee receives an electronic card, loaded each month with the amount for each worked day of the month.

Private healthcare insurance

We learned from our experience that health is one of the most valuable assets we own. Together with our private healthcare insurance collaborators, we provide to our employees the benefit of having their spouse and children insured - regardless of their number.

ESX Corporate Subscription

Everyone is trying to find a perfect life-work balance. Because we care about the wellbeing of our employees, we provide them the opportunity to choose the sport that suits best their needs. 

By implementing ESX Corporate, we offer a monthly subscription paid by the company to the gym.

Fresh fruits and beverages

Breaks are always important and good for your productivity. Adding to that a nice view, fresh fruits, and one of the best coffees in town turns that in an ideal break.

In-company events

Every now and then we put aside our daily tasks and focus on organizing and celebrating different events or play games. Our goal is to grow the networking between people, make them bond and feel better working together.

Team building events

Once a year, we leave our office together and have fun, relax, and bond with teams, by engaging in different activities and creating beautiful memories. This is the big general team building, but we also have teambuildings for each team.

Fun room

All-day work and no fun? That is not our way. That is why we prepared a designated half-floor wide area with an opening to the terrace as a fun room equipped with PlayStation, tennis table, foosball table, relaxation corners, and so on. 


You have access to an online platform and also to a modern library, where you can find the best books, case study articles, video materials, and sit in a very nice, quiet space and read the books or materials you have ordered.

Loyalty days

One way to show our gratitude for the involvement of our colleagues is to reward them an additional day off for each year spent with us.

Flexible working hours

You have the possibility to organize your working schedule starting with 5 working hours worked a day, having the opportunity to organize yourself the rest of your time, making sure that you accumulate 40 hours of work at the end of the week.