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Learn all about the vision, mission as well as the people who shape CompuGroup Medical worldwide. 

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Our Story

- Our story 

It all started in 2016, in Iași, when CGM CompuGroup Medical decided to open a software hub in Romania. There were only 3 people in the beginning, but they managed to gather more and more amazing professionals and work together to grow the company. 

Now, CGM Software Romania has 200 CGMers working either from our 4-floor office in Iași, either remotely from different cities around the country. And we are all working together for creating the software solutions for the international medical market in 56 countries all over the world.  

CGM CompuGroup Medical started its activity in 1987, in Germany, when Frank Gotthardt had the vision of a digitalized healthcare system and understood the importance of eHealth. Since then, CompuGroup Medical has been dedicated for eHealth and has been synchronizing healthcare and connecting patients, medical institutions and technology. Today, CompuGroup Medical exists in 20 countries, has over 9000 employees and over 1,6 million professional users that put their trust in us. 


- What we do 

Short story: we create software solutions for the international medical market. For example, we create the majority software for the entire public and private health system in Germany, France and other countries like these. Plus, many and many projects and technologies used in all the medicine areas across the world. 

The opening positions are mainly in the IT area, on mid and senior level (FrontEnd, BackEnd, iOS, PHP, Architecture, Agile, QA, Testing, UI/UX, Product Owner). 


- What we offer 

Our main focus is on our people. That is why value and appreciate them so much. One of the methods to show them our love is the list of benefits that we offer: 

  • Really cool, relaxed and professional people;
  • An amazing terrace on the last floor, with sunbeds and lights, where you can escape every time Iyou need a breath of fresh air. Plus, it is great for company`s parties;
  • The kitchen with everything in it (coffee, water, tea, drinks, fruits and everyting you can find in all those cabinets and fridges);
  • The relaxation room, with bing bags, video games, foosball, airball, ping pong, board games;
  • The flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely;
  • Courses and trainings, plus delegations to wherever you need to go;
  • Courses that you want to take, both in your domain or in the connected areas, that you don’t have to pay in case you leave the company at some point;
  • Free gym subscription;
  • Free football evenings;
  • Free Bookster subscription, so you can have access to all the amazing books and resources on the platform;
  • The Up Platform, with all kind of benefits and sales for CGMers;
  • The view from the 4th floor when you drink your coffee or you have a smoke break;
  • The amazing parties;
  • The events and the activities for the CGMers, from quizzes and championships, to presentations from guests in different areas;
  • Meal tickets;
  • Really good salaries;
  • Health insurance for CGMers and their families;
  • Gifts for each year in the company;
  • Gifts for special occasions (e.g.: Christmas, Women Day, Children Day);
  • Loyalty free days;
  • Bonuses when someone gets married or has a new baby;
  • Bonuses for the CGMers that recommends new people that are actually hired;
  • English courses;
  • Sharing experience and feedback, both on inside and personal projects;
  • The fact that people working at CGM can contribute and can create products that are helping medicine and humankind.