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Being ALL IN! means
to support our mission with head, heart, and hand

To be ALL IN! with head, heart, and hand means to be ALL IN! for our mission. Because it is not about anything or anyone. Human lives are at stake – because nobody should suffer or die just because at some point medical information was missing.
We help to heal. That is what we are all working towards together. Courageously and equipped with common sense, we can rely on each other. On a common set of rules for success, on comprehensible decisions, for our common success in the past, the present, and the future.

Feel the pulse of CGM

ALL IN! for Health

AT CGM I know why I get up in the morning - helping to heal.

ALL IN! for Success

At CGM we can rely on each other - proven by successful business for over 30 years.

ALL IN! for Community:

At CGM I feel like I belong - no matter since when or where I have been making my contribution. 

Are you ready to be ALL IN?

CGM at a glance

CompuGroup Medical delivers important software to improve 
health and the quality of life. We build bridges between physicians, pharmacies, health insurances, laboratories, rehab & care facilities and hospitals and help them to optimally treat people. 
More than 1.5 million professional users in 56 countries worldwide have put their trust in us.