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About us

CGM MEDEDI is your partner in Medical billing

With a fully integrated MEDEDI you can send medical aid claims in real-time and know exactly what's covered, speeding up payment and reducing losses

Medical billing has a direct impact on a patient’s ability to pay. Typically impracticable and complex, billing and payment systems often leave both patients and practice managers in the dark in terms of what is due. 

CGM MEDEDI has been streamlining administrative and billing processes for healthcare practitioners like you for over two decades, our efficient billing workflow results in a better patient experience.

Count on CGM MEDEDI to maximise collections

Easy Claims

Claims to cash in one quick step!

Trust our medical aid claims processing to reduce rejections and improve your bottom line.

Maximised Collection

Increase medical collections and boost productivity to ensure that your practice stays ahead of the pack.

Financial Insights

Monitor business performance with interactive statistics snapshots and transactional reports.

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