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Manage your practice schedule like a pro with CGM MEDEDI's digital calendar

Your practice calendar plays a critical part in effectively managing your practice schedule. We understand the importance of having a practice calendar that is accurate and easily accessible. 

Now you can manage your patient bookings with ease. MEDEDI's digital calendar enables you to make bookings, check your patient history, access the billing screen and so much more. 

With MEDEDI’s integrated calendar, we’ll have your Practice Manager balancing your practice schedule like a pro.


Patient bookings are a breeze with MEDEDI's calendar 

Efficient booking management

Create, update and clear bookings directly in the system. 

No more double bookings, or schedule clashes, all users have a clear view of the practice schedule at any time. 


Easy access to patient records

Want to check a patient's history when your making a booking? 

No problem, with the MEDEDI calendar you have direct access to patient records from the calendar. 

From booking to billing

Save time and go directly to the billing screen from the patient appointment in the calendar.