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Say goodbye to messy schedules and double bookings

November 18, 2020

Balance your practice schedules like a pro

"Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”

To some degree, we can all relate this quote by Jim Rohn. Within the healthcare industry alone, the significance of an efficient, reliable scheduling process is crucial to the effective management of any practice.

Customarily, appointment scheduling requires a paper diary but have you ever considered the hours spent arranging and re-arranging appointments? You will not have to look very far for a hassle-free, simplified and time-saving process using medical appointment scheduling software. Let us consider why implementing this kind of software could be beneficial to you and your practice. 


Medical Appointment scheduling software saves you and your administrative staff valuable time. 

Managing your practice diary and scheduling appointments will be quick and easy and allows you to focus on what matters most, providing patient care.

Medical Appointment scheduling software helps to reduce no shows. 
The software sends appointment confirmations and reminders to patients via SMS or emails.

Medical Appointment scheduling software allows you to access and manage your diary from wherever you are.

Scheduling and making changes on a web-based system is effortless and will ensure that you are in control of your day.

Medical Appointment scheduling software ensures better patient experience. 

Patients will receive confirmations and appointment reminders, minimising the risk of double bookings with a system that allows fast scheduling.

What to look for in your Appointment Scheduling Software?

The best medical appointment scheduling software helps administrative staff to schedule appointments as quickly as possible by offering a quick patient registration. Available timeslots will be visible at a glance, and rescheduling will be a simple process.

The software will send reminders to patients about their scheduled appointments (via text, phone or email). 

Your appointment scheduling software will ensure you balance your practice and telehealth schedules and should tick the following boxes:

1. It allows administrative staff to manage your diary or if applicable, for the entire practice.

2. You are able to shuffle appointments to accommodate late bookings or last-minute cancellations easily.

3. Your appointment scheduler should send appointment confirmations and reminders per SMS or Email.

4. The calendar is integrated into your medical billing software and electronic health records.

5. Your calendar can be easily accessible from wherever you are.


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