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Oliver Jäger, Head of Marketing, Ambulatory Information Systems 

April 7, 2021

"Marketing and sales are growing even closer together as a team as a direct result of digitalization."

Oliver Jäger, Head of Marketing, knows that digitalization is not only important for the healthcare sector but also plays a prominent role in marketing. His best example: managing the marketing for the CLICKDOC VIDEO CONSULTATION at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. CGM had decided to make the video consultation solution available free of charge to contribute to the fight against the global pandemic. Therefore, one of the main objectives was to reach out as soon as possible to a maximum number of physicians who did not yet know about CLICKDOC VIDEO CONSULTATION.

"We reacted immediately and went digitally ALL IN!"

The big drawback was that no trade fairs were held due to the pandemic and given the fact that everything was happening on short notice, physicians could not be targeted the usual way through print ads or via our call centers. Was this a problem? No, but it was an opportunity to break new ground instead. Oliver decided to go ALL IN! on performance marketing – focusing exclusively on digital advertising as well as monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing the results from the very beginning. This involved the use of SEM and newsletter marketing, the implementation of target group-specific campaign landing pages and the deployment of analysis software.

"The power of digitalization in marketing? Continuous measurement and optimization."

With the help of analytical software, it was possible to determine both the number of visitors of the landing pages and the quantity of leads coming from each campaign. These figures were put in relation to the contracts concluded and the daily costs of the ads placed.

"We continuously optimized the entire chain in detail – the landing page contents, the advertisements themselves along with their keywords, the price quotes, the expenses, you name it. The campaigns could have been stopped by us at any time if the expenses turned out to be too high.

The success proved Oliver right: thousands of new users and a huge potential to provide further products and solutions for the CLICKDOC platform.

"We will be trialing more measures at a higher frequency in the future."

Oliver sees many opportunities in the consistent digitalization of marketing, even on a large scale: the overarching and close cooperation between marketing and sales, the development of close connections to existing customers, and new approaches for acquiring new customers.

Some of the key words in this regard are the use of marketing technology, inbound marketing through value-added communication, sensible upsell and cross-sell offers, content marketing, SEM, SEO and marketing automation. All of these are measures and actions are scalable and transparent and can be further optimized in an iterative manner. "However, it is important to me to emphasize that this is, obviously, only one component of marketing and that we can only be successful and continue to expand CGM's market leadership if all of us work together." In other words –  ALL IN!

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