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Johann Zehntner, General Manager, CGM Switzerland

April 12, 2021

"More than anything, my biggest source of energy is a satisfied customer."

Johann Zehntner works for CGM as the General Manager in Switzerland. He has enjoyed his role as a pioneer launching and establishing the latest and most high-performance hospital information system on the market. There is no question – that was and continues to be challenging in many respects.

"We were able to lead the way and shape many areas."

Meeting customer expectations, keeping promises, and delivering products quickly – all of these things require instincts and a high level of commitment from Johann and his team. Johann's Business Unit has also been responsible for another area in the laboratory systems segment since the start of June. Successes are to be multiplied and projects are to be efficiently implemented with a clear focus and a powerful organization.

In order to repeatedly go ALL IN! and find new and better solutions with his team, satisfied customers, and users who enjoy working with our product are Johann's greatest source of energy and motivation. But Johann also required another source of energy for his diverse tasks: he gets this, without any complex technology at all, from his family including his two children – and when he rides through the surrounding woods on his family's horse.

ALL IN! for exchange and communication – with the virtual coffee break

Thanks to the consolidation of individual work areas in Germany and Switzerland, Johann is not on his own but rather part of a team of general managers who support each other. He is convinced: "We can all learn from each other." That's why Johann believes in exchange – even with unexpected approaches: At the start of March 2020 during the lockdown he introduced a virtual coffee break and intensified the flow of information through regular Zoom meetings and weekly information emails. Johann is proud: "All in all the organization adjusted very quickly and well to the new situation and kept its morale, productivity, and exchange at a high level, so they all deserve a big compliment!"

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