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Michael Ernst, Senior Service Manager Clinical & Social Care, Germany

April 12, 2021

Becoming more efficient through agile methods.

As Senior Service Manager, Michael Ernst is always right in the middle of things when it comes to increasing efficiency and reliability for our customers. Agile methods and tools are the best example of this. We rely on the tools JIRA and Confluence. But we wouldn't be CGM if we let ourselves be satisfied there. There is always room for optimization, even in the details:

Michael noticed that there was no consistent follow-up on the work packages that were distributed in the meetings and documented in the online tools and that they were being displaced by daily work. 

"The introduction of our own JIRA project for the pure management of to-do lists from meetings was able to significantly improve the sustainability of our actions, significantly increase transparency and collaboration, and reduce email traffic. A corresponding KANBAN board become a fixed component of our Meeting Minute templates so that nothing else would 'slip though' or conflict with other things here."

Source: Interview

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