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We promote dialog in the healthcare sector and ensure that costs are saved in a meaningful way. Everyone should benefit from medical progress with the help of IT.

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Individual health management

Our mission:
We are supporter of individual health management.

Regional e-health platform in Poland set to improve quality and accessibility of medical services

Patients and healthcare professionals in the Polish Voivodeship of Pomorskie will profit from a new regional...

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Unique CompuGroup Medical data services unlocking value for the healthcare sector
Strong growth of CGM data-based product portfolio in 2021Innovative adverse ...
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KoCoBox MED+ obtains approval as an electronic health record connector

CompuGroup Medical (CGM) has today received approval from gematik for KoCoBox MED+ as a connector for the ...

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Digitization prevents dangerous drug effects

In Germany alone, several million people are at risk of suffering or even dying from side effects, drug ...

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The electronic health record - the heart of healthcare communication

It is the central element of networked healthcare - the electronic health record (German: elektronische Patientenake...

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Effective immediately, physicians can simply prescribe and recommend digital health applications 

The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte, ...

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COVID-19: CompuGroup Medical provides telemonitoring to relieve hospitals 

COVID-19 patients who remain in home quarantine after inpatient hospital treatment can be treated further and their vital signs are monitored. For other patients, hospitalization may be reduced or may even be...

CGM purpose, Digitization, Individual health management

Everyone should be able to help shape their treatment and enjoy contributing to the maintenance of their own health. He or she must be informed and able to actively participate. Through our apps and our personal electronic patient records, everyone can be an active part of their health care and treatment. CGM makes patient-centered care possible - holistically and safely.