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1.1 "Agreement” means the agreement between You and CGM for your use of MEDISTAR

1.2 “CGM” means CompuGroup Medical South Africa (Pty) Ltd, the owner of MEDISTAR

1.3 “Parties” means You and CGM, with “Party” referring to either of these two.

1.4 “Services” means the services to be provided by CGM in relation to Your use of MEDISTAR.

1.5 “You” and “Your” refers to you, as a user of MEDISTAR.

1.6 “Data” means all text, files, images, graphics, illustrations, information, data (including Personal Information as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013), audio, video, photographs, and other content and material in any format, provided by You or Your Patients that reside in, or run on or through, the Services Environment.


2.1 By setting up a unique password to enable You to use MEDISTAR, You agree to these Terms and Conditions of use.

2.2 CGM reserves the right to change these Terms at any time on notice to the individual at Your practice who signed the agreement to purchase MEDISTAR Services to Your practice.


3.1 MEDISTAR is the property of CGM, and all of its intellectual property in any form (including, but not limited to the appearance, contents, format, and source code) belongs to CGM.

3.2 You may not copy, publish, disassemble, re-engineer, modify, translate, or mirror Medistar without the explicit prior written consent of CGM.

3.3 CGM reserves all its rights in relation to MEDISTAR, including the right to make changes to it, to discontinue it or any of its features, or to withdraw Your right to use it on notice to You.


4.1 MEDISTAR is designed to help you to run your medical practice efficiently and to improve the quality of care that you are able to provide to your patients.

4.2 You may not use MEDISTAR to violate any law, or the rights of any individual or organisation.  


5.1 CGM takes all reasonable measures to protect your privacy and that of your practice’s patients, in line with the requirements of current privacy legislation.

5.2 When you use the Application, your personally identifiable information and that of your practice’s patients will be processed.

5.3 You give CGM permission to collect your data and to use it, after having removed all of its personally identifiable elements, for research, statistical and commercial purposes.


6.1 CGM provides the Application to you virus-free.

6.2 You must renew your unique password every 90 (ninety) days. You must not share your password with anyone else, even someone with whom you share a computer or alternate shifts. Your password will only give You access to specific, pre-selected functionality to minimise security risks to the practice.

6.3 You must notify CGM immediately if any user from your practice becomes inactive or leaves the practice so that we can cancel that user’s access to MEDISTAR permanently or temporarily.


7.1 You agree that you use MEDISTAR at your own risk, to the maximum extent allowed by law.

7.2 CGM provides no warranty regarding availability of MEDISTAR at any time, whether the suspension of service is caused by breakdown, maintenance, upgrades or any other event.

7.3 MEDISTAR is provided to you “as is”, and CGM provides no warranty as to its being fault free or fit for purpose.