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Compu​​Group Medical (CGM) power​s​ future healthcare practices with new era of MEDEDI

August 15, 2023
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CGM MEDEDI makes managing medical aid claims a breeze, giving practice managers the freedom to focus on patients. Designed for solo, multi-disciplinary and group practices, MEDEDI is considered the most powerful medical billing platform available to the local market.

Tried and tested over two decades, its dynamic reporting capabilities and business insights have helped to grow numerous medical practices across the nation due to its ability to track seasonal trends and patient insights. Connie Smith who heads Enforce Trade Practice Management attests to the game-changing impact of CGM MEDEDI’s billing tool. “The seamless claims processing and comprehensive revenue cycle management really does streamline our workflow and admin efficiency so that we can focus on our customers”.  

CGM is dedicated to ensuring that MEDEDI remains at the forefront of medical billing by constantly working behind the scenes to keep the product up-to-date and aligned to the needs of medical practitioners. One of the latest enhancements is the task organizer, which offers a centralized hub for all  practice admin tools, from patient records, billing details to diary entries – all in one place, saving practice managers valuable time.  

Some of its most efficient capabilities includes medical scheme claims that are sent in real time, streamlining and automating back office processes as well as reducing claim rejections, keeping one up to date with what is covered by the scheme, what co-payments are due -making the manual reconciliation process a thing of the past.  Electronic billing reminders can be sent via email and SMS with payment QR code links to increase collection.  Detailed income reports can also be generated to assist with patient account reconciliation.  

Smith adds that "the most standout functionality is the trusted claim switch that delivers full integration with all major medical aids. Patients are assured complete transparency on their medical fees, and the practice benefits from improved business efficiency and revenue. The integration with major medical aids through the Claim Switch has brought an unparalleled level of transparency, both for us and our patients. We’ve sampled other medical billing tools but CGM MEDEDI stands out for its authenticity. The support team really is a dedicated partner in our success – consistently responsive, eager, and ever-willing to go above and beyond”.

Going digital with practice management and CGM promises to save time, improve communication and strengthen patient relationships.  And if one’s looking for a streamlined, paperless practice solution, practice managers need only to pair up CGM MEDEDI with PRACTICE PERFECT, to get a practice toolkit with Electronic Health Records, all in one solution.  

CGM has taken the next step in customer engagement with the launch of Customer World, their dedicated online support platform where customers can resolve simple issues themselves or log their query directly without having to pick up a phone.  Just another way that they are working to make things more convenient for the client.

“It’s always exciting to demonstrate how we continue to enhance our products and services, introducing new capabilities to improve health delivery systems,” says Christo Groenewald, Managing Director, CompuGroup Medical. “We take every opportunity to listen to our clients feedback so that our products evolve, based on the needs of the industry”.  

For more information about CGM’s MEDEDI for practice managers, visit  LEARN MORE HERE

About CGM South Africa:

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Germany with offices across Europe, the USA and Africa, CGM products are used by over 1.5 million health professionals worldwide. Much more than a technology company, our platform supports a growing community of doctors, dentists and medical professionals. Our goal is to give healthcare practitioners of every stripe the tools to collectively shape the future of healthcare. Visit to learn more about CGM South Africa.


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