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Transform your patient’s care with these useful digital tools

June 30, 2023

The role of digital in improving patient engagement and health outcomes.

CompuGroup Medical (CGM) South Africa is excited to announce its partnership with Emerging Market Healthcare  Ltd (EMC). As part of our broader EMC2 vision, we offer our local practitioners world-class digital healthcare: combining global experience with South African intelligence. Specifically, we offer participating EMC practitioners   digital tools designed for practice managers so they can take control of their practices and engage more meaningfully with their patients.  

Emerging Market Healthcare (EMC) is a provider & patient initiative within a base of 200 black doctors from previously disadvantaged areas of the Western Cape. 

At CGM we understand that positive engagement with  patients can lead to better health outcomes. It also builds long-term doctor-patient relationships, improves customer satisfaction, boosts practice efficiency and even offers the practice new revenue opportunities.



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