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Everything you need to know about updating pricing tariffs and updates.

Find the latest status and common questions regarding the annual South African medical aid price changes.  

Between 1 November 2021 and 31 January 2022, individual schemes will publish their 2022 medical aid tariffs for medical procedures, consultations, medicine and consumables. Our team are working hard behind the scenes to compile and make these available to your practice. All pricing is effective as of 1 January 2022

You can access the latest status of which pricing files have been updated or download the most recent pricing files on the CUSTOMER PORTAL.

  1. Go to the Updates
  2. Select Pricing 2022 Information
  3. Select Scheme Increases for 2022
  4. Download the latest file "Scheme Increases for 2022"

The file downloaded indicates the following: 

Medical AidAdministratorCharge rates2022 Increase RatesPrice List Weekly DateDone
Indicates the medical scheme Administrator the medical scheme belongs toBilling charge rate for the medical aid in CGM MEDEDI% increase for for 2022 Price file received from medical aidThe date CGM MEDEDI assigns to the price update fileFile available on the customer portal for download and update!

We advise that you check on the 2022 pricing status at regular intervals to ensure continued billing accuracy.

  1. Go to the Updates
  2. Select  Pricing and Weekly Prices
  3. Select the latest update available

Important: Please email or call us on 0861 633 334 if you do not have access to the customer portal as yet. 

Frequently asked questions

Which price files will be updated?
Which prices will NOT be updated?

We are not able to update the following prices as we do not have oversight of special arrangements between medical schemes and providers.  

  • Network prices for individual providers
  • Contract prices for individual providers
  • Custom price files

Have a look HERE on how to update custom charge rates in CGM MEDEDI.

How can I create my own custom charge rates in CGM MEDEDI?

You can easily create your own custom charge rates in MEDEDI when you want to apply a rate different to the standard base rate. Have a look at the how-to HERE.

What do I do with Price files or percentage increases I receive from the Medical Aid?

These files or increases can be emailed to, where we will process them and include them in a new weekly price update for 2022.