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Take a sneak peek into the CGM FrontEnd Community and see what`s cooking

November 2, 2021

Recently, our developers from the FrontEnd Community of CGM took part in a 3-day Angular Advanced-Workshop. And since they were completely hooked for the entire days, we were curious to find out what happened there and what did they learn. That is why we discussed with Silviu Durduc, Functional Lead on FrontEnd and the coordinator of the FrontEnd Community. 

Silviu </span><span>Durduc</span><span>, </span><span>FrontEnd</span><span> Functional Lead</span><span> 
My responsibility is to guide and help my colleagues to climb up their career paths and provide them with opportunities to do so. I believe workshops are a great way to teach hands-on skills as it allows learners to try out new methods and fail in a safe environment. Workshops are important for developers because they can refine their skills, maybe even gain new ones. Also, it is a good opportunity to build new relationships, establish connections with like-minded people and form a community.

Silviu DurducFrontEnd Functional Lead 

Some of the topics they covered during their workshop are:  

•Architectures for huge Enterprise Applications 

Npm libraries, Monorepos, Nx and Strategic Design, Micro frontends 

•Reactive Extensions for JS •Web Components •Cross Cutting Concerns 

•State Management * Performance Tuning * Authentication and I18N 

What do participants say?

We also discussed with some of the participants and here is what they said.

Cristina </span><span>De</span><span>rdeicea</span><span>, </span><span>FrontEnd</span><span> Developer & Scrum Master</span><span> 
At first, I was a little scared that it might be a little too advanced, but I understood everything, and I really liked the workshop. I work on a very challenging, time-consuming project now, so my time for self-development, reading and research is limited. That is why I consider this kind of workshops more than welcomed, and I`m happy that I can apply the latest technological information, thanks to the FrontEnd Community within CGM..

Cristina DerdeiceaFrontEnd Developer & Scrum Master 

Bogdan Ciobotaru</span><span>, Junior </span><span>FrontEnd</span><span> Developer 
It was an intense workshop with a lot of information, but I truly liked it and I found it extremely useful. I learned about some important notions that apply to my annual objective, and I know that workshops like this one help me evolve in my career. It is exactly what I want. More than that, I find very cool this idea of our FrontEnd Developers Community and all its internal and external workshops. Silviu and the team are doing a great job.

Bogdan Ciobotaru, Junior FrontEnd Developer 

Ramona Urdea, </span><span>FrontEnd</span><span> Developer
I really love this training, because it was technical and practical. Each section had a demo and a practical part, so I managed to assimilate a lot of information. The trainer was extremely friendly and nice, and he answered to all our questions. And believe me, there were a lot of questions. I felt comfortable also because there were my colleagues from the FrontEnd Community, a group of really cool people. I love our community, because we feel appreciated, our opinions are listened and taken into consideration, we give and we receive feedback, and it is a community where things actually happen.

Ramona Urdea, FrontEnd Developer

The trainer was Dipl.-Inf. Assaad Awada from Angular Architects, a senior consultant with 20 years of experience in software development. He focuses on Angular-based business applications. 

Assaad grew up in Berlin and studied computer science there at the Technical University. He is a conference speaker and leads a developer community whose members regularly exchange ideas about web development. 

The workshop was fun and challenging. Mr. Assaad Awada answered a lot of questions and gave us enough time to finish the assignments. There was an instance where the IDE didn't compile, and everyone chipped in with ideas on how to fix it, quite interactive!”, Silviu added. 

At CGM we look to innovate and find different ways to use our products and build new ones. Creating large and long-term maintainable framework-based applications is no easy task. It requires a good structural foundation given by a proper front-end architecture. That is why this workshop was one of the bricks of the foundation. And we don't stop here, more workshops are scheduled in November that will cover Advanced React and Micro Frontend in detail. 

Stay tuned and find out more about our FrontEnd Community and our workshops. Until the next one, check out our paid one-to-one Mentorship Program for FrontEnd Developers, that you simply must try if you want to join our FrontEnd Community. 

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