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State-of-the-art software helps millions of people worldwide with Corona vaccination

March 17, 2021 | Manuel Klötzer
A person is being vaccinated

The Corona pandemic has kept the world on tenterhooks for more than a year. Now that the first vaccines have successfully passed the approval process at the end of 2020, vaccination is moving forward in leaps and bounds around the world. In some places, mass vaccination is taking place in large centers, but physicians in private practice can also play a crucial role. It is an important undertaking, but one that also involves many uncertainties.

BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson - different vaccines are gradually coming onto the market, for example in Austria. These differ not only by manufacturer, but also in how exactly they work and how often they need to be vaccinated.

The variety of vaccines, and especially the large number of people who need to be vaccinated in a short period of time, poses major challenges for administrators and medical professionals. In South Africa, CGM has been looking at how the private sector can help the government vaccinate 40 million citizens.

Vaccination directly in the doctor's office

In some countries, including Germany, primary care physicians will soon be able to vaccinate their patients directly in the doctor's office. This approach shortens the route to vaccination and also helps with vaccination planning, because no one can assess a patient's medical history and individual risks as accurately as his or her general practicioner.

Organizing this places high demands on physicians and practice teams: initial and follow-up vaccinations have to be planned, the vaccination documented and, if necessary, a vaccination record created - all in addition to the usual practice work. Regardless, many primary care physicians affirm that they can and will vaccinate. Modern software simplifies many of these tasks and helps physicians complete them intuitively and according to the rules.

Company doctors want to support vaccination

Company doctors - of which there are about 12,000 throughout Germany - also want to support the vaccination coverage of the population. The Federal Ministry of Health is therefore aiming to involve these doctors in the vaccination campaign as well. Here, too, the overwhelming benefit is offset by a certain amount of effort, which is much easier to manage with digital solutions.

Digital vaccination certificate

Since June 2021, CompuGroup Medical has made it possible for the majority of medical practices in Germany to create vaccination and convalescence records quickly and easily.

In Austria, online services from CGM help organize vaccination for healthcare professionals: Doctors in Styria can use it to easily book an appointment for vaccination online, as can their practice teams. With just a few clicks, they can go straight to the appointment to provide the best possible protection for those who are on call to ensure the health of all citizens.

Many care about documentation

Austria has also created a simple and secure way to document vaccination - with the help of an electronic vaccination record. And other countries have also thought about documenting vaccinations and reporting them to the authorities - for example, Sweden or the Czech Republic.

Whether in Sweden or in South Africa, whether at the vaccination center or at the general practitioner's office: vaccinating the population is a crucial step in coping with the pandemic, and at the same time represents a major challenge for everyone involved. Smart solutions are making an important contribution to protecting the population as quickly and as well as possible.

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