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ALL IN! with CLICKDOC: Doctors value innovative technology and high commitment

April 7, 2021

When it comes to saving lives, we go ALL IN! together. During the COVID-19 pandemic, medical practices face the following questions daily: How can we help without putting our patients, ourselves, or our families in danger? And how can we create a trusting close relationship with people from the required social distance? Our answer: In addition to protective measures for personal interaction, also use our CLICKDOC VIDEO CONSULTATION.

Our technology is efficient – and human

With a precise knowledge of requirements, we developed the CLICKDOC VIDEO CONSULTATION as an intelligent and safe alternative to personal contact between the doctor and the patient. The people involved can see and communicate with each other without masks. We know that we are developing and continuously optimizing our solutions in order to help people. It makes a big difference that we know the purpose for which we are collectively thinking, discussing, developing, drafting, testing, and optimizing. Because it is fun and just makes sense to work sensibly.

The extremely positive feedback encourages us to drive the digitization of healthcare even further. Together we are going ALL IN! for Health!

"I have already been using CLICKDOC VIDEO CONSULTATION since March 2020 already and almost all of my experiences with it so far have been good. Many patients have received their lab results through video consultation and I have been able to discuss their further therapy with them 'face to face' without requiring them to needlessly wait in the practice."

Dr. Lutz Hahnefeld, Internist in Stützerbach bei Ilmenau

"One patient was always strictly against it, however. She preferred to really come visit me personally. ...And a 'good' therapy session was able to be carried out for her. Many of the emotions that she showed me in the practice were also able to come out from her at home. This showed me that video works."

E., Psychotherapeut in Dresden

"I use CLICKDOC for the video consultation in my psychotherapy practice. The application is easy to install and functions practically intuitively. Even patients are excited about how easy it is to use.

Prof. Dr. Peveling, psychotherapist in Recklinghausen

"I was way off when I thought that only younger patients would use the app: My oldest patient was 85 years old and therefore at high risk so naturally she was not supposed to leave her apartment at the height of the pandemic. A neighbor organized an appointment for her, set up her laptop in the elderly woman's living room, dialed in, and we were ready to go. So it truly works across all generations."

Dr. Enno Wrage-Brors, dermatologist in Hamburg

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