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ALL IN! against COVID-19: How video consultations help during the global pandemic

April 9, 2021

The challenges faced by CompuGroup Medical when handling one of the biggest medical crises ever known: to provide the necessary software adaptions, capacities for sales, service and support as well as server resources as quickly as possible and to coordinate our teams, which were dynamically pulled together from different parts of the company, quickly and efficiently.  

In order to support doctors in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic from the very start, we went ALL IN! to ensure that our video consultation solution was available quickly enough. It was essential to make the new product ready for use sustainably and internationally – and all that in various languages for over 10 countries! It was an unprecedented task that we handled impressively well, most of all because together our employees soared to new heights of cooperation and mutual motivation.

Frank Gotthardt, founder and Chairman of CompuGroup Medical Se finds: "We all know that we can and must support healthcare professionals to the best of our ability now, so we do it each day with even greater conviction."

Already at the start of March were we able to make the CLICKDOC VIDEO CONSULTATION available for doctors, hospitals, and other institutions throughout the world free of charge for the time being. There were already thousands of registrations the first day that it was live and more than 90,000 licenses have been granted free of charge since then.

Sensible work for sensible solutions

Feedback was very positive, most of all from previous non-CGM customers (as many as 2/3 since it went live). Our customers showed us true gratitude because we went to work where they needed rapid support most urgently: we helped to protect patients, doctors, and practice staff, to slow the spread of the pandemic, and to ensure the provision of medical care to the populace. 

Björn Bentin, General Manager of the Division, is convinced: "Together, we have given a true evolutionary leap to video consultation – from a niche product to a mass product."

Our success benefits people

From the very start, our development teams have kept the technical requirements for the CLICKDOC VIDEO CONSULTATION adaptive without skimping on the necessary security mechanisms. It can be used as a standalone solution or in combination with the CLICKDOC ONLINE BOOKING. Doctors and their patients can use it on their available smartphones, tablets, or laptops – through a normal Internet connection and without any additional software. CLICKDOC is not only VIDEO CONSULTATION, but also doctor directory, online appointment booking, patient file, APP prescription center for DiGas.Further online functions of CLICKDOC include ONLINE BOOKING and the APP PRESCRIPTION CENTER, among other things. But the CLICKDOC services are just one effective initial solution of a series of other upcoming digital assistants to pragmatically support the many doctors, pharmacies, and nursing staff members with their heroic efforts. 

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