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Marco Gasparin, General Manager Pharmacy, Spain

April 7, 2021

"Find people on the same wavelength - then make waves."

Multicultural relationships and the use of different languages have shaped Marco Gasparin's everyday work as a General Manager for the Pharmacy Information Systems segment in Spain since 2019. The most important part of it for him is that the people with whom he works are proactive and show a desire to search for solutions. In order words, that they are ALL IN! on the same wavelength.

"I am convinced that one of the most important values that must be lived out in the company is cooperation."

His challenge is to merge three small companies to create a start-up with the logic of the global CGM vision. From heading the implementation of SAP to reviewing internal business processes in the region, he finds that it was a year very full of work as well as lessons learned – because he has collected many new and important experiences within the new cooperation.

"I can concentrate on new goals with a clear mind."

Changing location to Spain meant a big change and new responsibilities in Marco's life. He gains strength for it through time with his family – at home or on trips to new locations. When the hustle and bustle of family life becomes too much and Marco needs time for himself, he enjoys sport: "I just start running – to get some distance, clear my mind, and concentrate on new goals with commitment, discipline, and pleasure in conquering."

Marco goes ALL IN! in the healthcare sector

Starting in Italy as a service professional in 1993 – at the start of the actual IT for pharmacies – Marco has been working in the healthcare sector for over 25 years already. After working as a sales employee he became Branch Manager for Northern Italy. In 2015 he assumed the position of Sales Team Manager of CGM Parmaone in Northern Italy and since September 2018 Marco has been the General Manager in Spain. Due to the fact that he was able to achieve an increasing number of resources and goals in his previous positions and thanks to his expertise in the IT market for pharmacies and CGM's internal business processes, he has a calm outlook on the future.

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