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Machiel Belderbos, Vice President Product Management, CGM Netherlands

April 7, 2021

"Our colleagues must feel empowered to handle projects themselves."

Following his first year as Vice President Product Management at CGM Nederland, Machiel summarizes his experiences positively: He enjoys the big challenge of making the right decisions and keeping focus, which he feels is the core of product management. But the best part of it for him continues to be product development. Finding solutions to socially relevant problems within the team and seeing how his colleagues feel empowered to make decisions and progress – that's going ALL IN! for the community.

"Good for work AND life: stamina training."

It's important to unwind, and this is no problem with two children ages 6 and 8, whom Machiel accompanies to their hockey games on weekends. He keeps himself in shape through running, preferably training for off-road marathons. He snowboards with his son and enjoys traveling to his favorite destinations of Asia and Latin America.

Machiel Belderbos, Vice President Product Management, CGM Netherlands
People who are passionate about their work give me energy.

Machiel Belderbos, Vice President Product Management, CGM Netherlands

Cooperation and community are core issues for Machiel: working together to analyze challenges, define tasks, and find and organize creative solutions. He knows what he has with the CGM community: "I can rely on my excellent colleagues both in my Product Management department as well as CGM-wide in the Netherlands." He sees an even greater opportunity in the possibility of expanding the cooperation and profiting from the expertise and technology of colleagues from other countries.

"We have to be very creative in order to add value for our customers..."

...not least because the Dutch government has initiated a very ambitious program for improving the provision of health care through digital innovations. It involves solutions that involve doctors, pharmacists, and even patients in order to simplify complex processes and make them more efficient. CGM Nederland is thereby going ALL IN! and fully supporting this objective, meaning that Machiel's roadmap is dominated by projects resulting from the new legislation.

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