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Unique CompuGroup Medical data services unlocking value for the healthcare sector

February 3, 2022
  • Strong growth of CGM data-based product portfolio in 2021
  • Innovative adverse drug reaction checker THERAFOX supports customers with up to 8 million requests per day
  • Arznei aktuell – a new generation of app for medication checks launched in 2021 with already 250,000 users, thereof 50,000 registered healthcare practitioners
  • Data-based tools provide value added services for healthcare practitioners and the industry
  • Patients benefitting from improved diagnosis and therapy
  • Harnessing the opportunity of Big Data and AI to transform the diagnoses in the immensely complex field of rare diseases together with the technology partner Gotthardt Health Group
  • Business Intelligence tool – CGM BENCHMARKS – subscribed by over 3,000 doctors from 11 specialty groups

CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA (CGM) has strengthened its unique market position in the healthcare sector in 2021 – further emphasizing the importance of data to improve healthcare. 

Due to the very strong market position in the ambulatory and pharmacy sector, CGM’s systems process up to 500,000 anonymized diagnoses and up to 800,000 prescriptions per day in Germany that are being processed in a highly secure, GDPR-compliant, anonymized state of the art data environment. This unique access to human health data provides CGM with profound insights about the full cycle from diagnosis, prescription to provisioning of medication almost in real time – a capability that is unparalleled in the sector. This is translated into unique insights for healthcare practitioners, patients and the whole related industry under the highest standards of data protection and security. In 2021, CGM repeatedly proved its capability to translate these data assets into innovative solutions, continuously launching additional functions and products. 

Dr. Eckart Pech<br>Managing Director Consumer & Health Management Information Systems
We are humbled by the progress and success of our data-based products.

Dr. Eckart Pech
Managing Director Consumer & Health Management Information Systems

“We are humbled by the progress and success of our data-based products,” said Dr. Eckart Pech, Managing Director Consumer & Health Management Information Systems at CGM. “With our unique, highly secure solutions, we materialize the vision of data-driven and more efficient healthcare into dedicated tools for healthcare professionals in nearly every area of the industry. This supports improving the impact as well as the accessibility of healthcare significantly. Going forward, we will accelerate the rollout of our data-based products to drive digitization in the sector even further.” 

One of CGM’s key products saw a significant increase in usage in 2021: THERAFOX – CGM’s cloud-based – and medical device regulation certified – product informs doctors about potential risks that a certain prescription may cause. To put this into perspective, adverse drug reactions are related to 500,000 hospital admissions every single year in Germany alone – a big impact on the hospitalization rate – and thousands of fatalities. Here, THERAFOX helps saving lives and avoids significant cost for the sector. Today THERAFOX already handles up to 8 million requests every single day. CGM continuously evolves this innovative solution to improve utility and experience for healthcare practitioners. Special attention is paid to quality assurance and extensive security checks. 

In order to launch an even more convenient access to the data base of more than 640,000 medications and other products, CGM combined THERAFOX with the new generation of the medication checks app “Arznei aktuell”. The outcome is one of the most comprehensive pharmaceutical guides for professionals and a powerful support tool to improve medication safety. “Arznei aktuell” has a quarter million registered users, thereof over 50,000 healthcare practitioners. 

Another area in which CGM creates added value together with its partner, Gotthardt Health Group, is the detection of rare diseases through Big Data and AI. Based on their very rare occurrence, such diseases are particularly hard to detect and to diagnose. It can take up to ten years to be diagnosed correctly – an often long and painful journey for patients. The rare disease module automatically identifies indications for rare diseases, using aggregated and anonymized data. Hereby, healthcare practitioners are being supported in their diagnostic process through receiving automated notifications. This solution supports healthcare practitioners as well as affected patients by complementing the diagnostic process on the back of global, continuously updated intelligence on such diseases. 

In all these examples, data is beneficial to healthcare practitioners and patients, supporting efficiency and effectiveness in diagnostic processes and treatments. 

Adding to that, CGM provides even more opportunities to unlock value for healthcare practitioners. CGM BENCHMARKS is an innovative tool that offers business intelligence for healthcare practitioners. The solution enables them to better understand their way of working by providing insights about their performance in comparison to other peers. Healthcare practitioners receive near real-time insights and responses to questions like: “How many patients does my average colleague have?”, “What kind of prescriptions are going along with certain diagnoses?” or “What kind of services do I best apply in the context of which diagnosis?”. As a result, healthcare practitioners can complement their acumen and take educated, data-based decisions to optimize their daily work.

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