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CGM registers significant increase in issued e-prescriptions

December 14, 2023

Koblenz. The digitization of the German healthcare system is gaining more momentum: Last week, 715,000 e-prescriptions were issued in the Ambulatory Information Systems of CompuGroup Medical (CGM) alone. This represents an increase of 45 percent compared to the previous week. In the two-month period to and including December 10, a total of 2.7 million e-prescriptions were issued via CGM's Ambulatory Information Systems. E-prescriptions are redeemed via electronic health card, gematik app, CGM's CLICKDOC mobile solution, or by printing the data matrix code. 

"The strong increase of e-prescriptions shows: The digitization of the German healthcare system is making significant progress. With electronic prescriptions, it is now reaching all patients. CompuGroup Medical is driving this development in many ways. We are currently working intensively to support practice teams in introducing e-prescriptions and setting up convenient signature procedures. We offer a wide range of consulting services for new processes in the interaction between practices and software. Our core understanding is to be a partner at the physician's side," says Dr. Ulrich Thomé, Managing Director Ambulatory Information Systems DACH at CGM.

Dr. Beatrice Staudt, general practitioner and CGM user from Berlin, comments on the electronic prescription as follows: "Electronic prescribing significantly accelerates practice processes. It leads to greater safety in patient care. It takes the pressure off my practice team and our patients. I am pleased that digitization is advancing in the healthcare sector. The electronic doctor's letter and video consultation have also proved to be particularly helpful in my practice."

According to gematik, a total of 13.3 million e-prescriptions have now been issued in Germany. The number has more than doubled in the last two months. The amount of medical facilities that issue e-prescriptions on a weekly basis has also more than doubled and currently stands at 35,000. 17,300 - almost all - pharmacies accepted e-prescriptions last week.

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