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CompuGroup Medical further drives digitization in healthcare: first e-health connector approved 

July 22, 2020

Today, KoCoBox MED+ from CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG (CGM), the first e-health connector received approval from gematik for a nationwide rollout. KoCoBox MED+, which is well-known and installed tens of thousands of times in Germany, will therefore receive an e-health software upgrade for the new Telematics Infrastructure (TI) medical applications without any hardware replacement need. With this update, Emergency Data Management (NFDM) and the Electronic Medication Plan (eMP) will provide noticeable added value for patients who receive medical treatment in more than 55,000 medical and dental practices. The approval now also allows CGM installations in pharmacies. CGM has already received about 3,000 orders, whose implementation can now begin immediately.

"The right medical information in the right place at the right time can save people’s lives, prevent suffering and help to heal diseases," emphasizes Frank Gotthardt, Founder and CEO of CompuGroup Medical. "The e-health upgrade creates long-term added value for health professionals as well as for patients by making important and in many cases life-saving data available exactly where it is needed. We are pleased that with KoCoBox MED+ we can offer our customers an extremely reliable e-health connector, which has been intensively tested in the field with numerous customers. This device has also proven to be highly resilient in regular operation for Insured Person’s Master Data again – a testimony to our years of heavy investment in safety and technological progress."

With the patient's consent, Emergency Data Records or an Electronic Medication Plan can be stored on the Electronic Health Card for the first time and, if necessary, read out by the attending practitioner – doctor, dentist or pharmacist. Both applications have been extensively tested in a field test in the Westphalia-Lippe region in the past months. CGM KoCoBox MED+ had been upgraded to an e-health connector. A connection to the Telematics Infrastructure with this kind of an e-health connector is necessary so that these new, value-added medical applications can find their way into practices, pharmacies or clinics. CGM is the first provider to receive approval from gematik for an e-health connector with the KoCoBox MED+ upgrade.

Dr. Eckart Pech, Managing Director for the Consumer and Health Management Information Systems Division at CompuGroup Medical: "Our customers – doctors, dentists, clinics and pharmacies – will be the first applicants to use the new added-value medical services in the TI and benefit from the funding and additional fees provided for this. Now that final approval exists, we will begin to make the e-health upgrade for the KoCoBox MED+ available to our TI customers. No hardware exchange is necessary. The fact that this important milestone has now been reached can be especially attributed to successful cooperation with our partners, and we would like to thank them for their good collaboration." With the upgrade to the e-health connector, all TI customers of CGM will also have access to the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) basic service based on the new electronic health professional cards. This provides a legal, secure way to sign documents that are required for things like sending data via the new communication standard called "communication in the medical sector" (KIM). Using KIM, practitioners can exchange information quickly, easily and, above all, securely, across sectors. KIM was also extensively tested in a field test in the North Rhine region and in various practices in Berlin, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. The communication service recently received the necessary approval from gematik and can now also be used with the e-health upgrade.

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