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Zuzana Jandorová, HR Business Partner, CGM Czech & Slovakia

April 7, 2021

"We have the outstanding opportunity to do meaningful things."

Together with others, Zuzana is responsible for the CGM Academy, which is already starting its eighth year. In workshops, working groups, and individual training sessions, speakers from the widest variety of departments in the company pass on their knowledge and skills – always coordinated with the current processes and needs of the company and according to the academy's motto: "Aim for the moon – even if you miss it, you will still reach the stars."

"Creativity, a wealth of ideas, enthusiasm, and the loyalty of our colleagues are important values for us."

Zuzana still remembers her first days with CompuGroup Medical well – as well as the times when things weren't all easy, because humans are known to be complex beings. As an HR Business Partner in the Czech Republic, Zuzana makes an important contribution to the company as a whole by developing good relationships with employees and helping them to make the most of their potential.

There is no easy formula for this, so trust, honesty, and devotion are behind every good relationship for Zuzana. For her this involves things such as noticing and listening to what is happening in the teams, what the people there are currently experiencing and how other colleagues view individual issues in order to continuously improve our corporate and communication culture.

"My work is part of my life. It delights and fulfills me."

For Zuzana Jandorová, CompuGroup Medical is an extraordinary company that combines the latest information technology, the world of healthcare, and cooperation with doctors – going ALL IN! for health. Everyone has the outstanding opportunity to do meaningful things. Zuzana gains fulfillment from experiencing how her colleagues see the meaning behind their work and perform it wholeheartedly. "I believe I can say that I am happy thanks to the great people at CompuGroup Medical."

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