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6 CGMers and their 6 reasons to celebrate 6 years at CGM

July 5, 2022

In July, CGM Software Romania is celebrating 6 years of activity. We`re not gonna brag about what we did, what we accomplished and what numbers we`re dealing with. Instead, we let the CGMers speak about it. So, we picked 6 CGMers who are with us for 6 years, since the beginning of CGM Software Romania, and we invited them to tell you something about themselves, their life as a CGMer and 6 reasons for staying these 6 years at CGM. Here they are, in the order of becoming a CGMer. 

Silviu Durduc – Senior Full Stack Developer

Although he is one of the founders of CGM Software Romania, you can rarely see him in the office. Let`s say he likes to keep the mystery alive. And yes, you can even rarely take him a photo. Silviu is passionate about developing games, playing chess and football, riding the bicycle, dancing salsa and, of course, spending time with his amazing 2 boys.

I remember when we founded CGM Software Romania that we didn`t even have an office. We were working from a conference room in a hotel. And we did that for almost 2 months. We were 3 people who founded the firm, and our first employees were 2 juniors who had no clue about programming. After many trainings and visits to other CGM offices in the world, we managed to hire the first professionals and get a proper office. Now, after changing 5 working spaces, we are happy to be in this huge building and celebrating 6 years with more than 200 amazing CGMers.”  

6 reasons why I am a 6 years CGMer  

  1. The community that I helped get founded and the organization culture;  
  2. The people from all these 6 years, friends and management too;  
  3. The fact that I had the possibility to switch to different roles, from Programmer to Architect;  
  4. The strong connection with the external community CGM, especially with Germany;  
  5. The financial part and all the benefits above the average level in the field;  
  6. The internal cool events for the CGMers and all the workshops. 

Corina Matei – HR Team Lead

Let me tell you something about Corina: everyone knows her and everyone loves her. She is passionate about sociology, anthropology, psychology (all about humans), reading, hiking, painting and architecture, which she wanted to study, but didn`t get the chance. She studied pedagogy all her life and she simply love children.  

I can`t believe that 6 years have passed already. I haven`t even payed attention to time. I just knew what I have to do and I was doing what I love. At first, I didn`t want to get hire here, because I had a previous bad experience at some other job and I promised myself that I would only work as a consultant. But I felt in love with the people here and I decided to stay, because I like to build and to do things well, with a vision in mind. And I love to create teams that function well, because this is what I believe in.”  

6 reasons why I am a 6 years CGMer  

  1. The plans here are for a long-term and I like to build;  
  2. The freedom that I received to create my own role depending on the needs;  
  3. The people, of course. There are so many people that I brought here and that I really care about;  
  4. The fact that we are always changing, growing and improving;  
  5. The domain – eHealth. I like that I have a purpose and I love that I can contribute to the eHealth Revolution;  
  6. The possibility of both personal and professional growth.

Marian Manea – Senior Back-End Developer

When it comes to time, Marian is extremely precise. That is why, since we implemented the Mobile Work concept (where people choose to work from wherever they want), Marian is working only from home. Because home is where there is his biggest passions of all – his 1-year daughter, Miriam.  

I remember my first day here, 6 years ago and I know that my laptop wasn`t there. It had to come from Germany and it was a huge delay, so I worked from my personal laptop for almost a month. But I didn`t mind, because I loved the atmosphere, the fun and the projects. Over these 6 years, I switched to 4 building offices and many roles: from Java Developer to Back-End, to Team Lead and Product Owner and to Tech Lead.”  

6 reasons why I am a 6 years CGMer  

  1. The work environment;  
  2. The large number of projects where you can choose from;  
  3. The large number of internal events which I really appreciate;  
  4. The flexibility, which allows me to spend more time with my family and have a normal personal life;  
  5. The benefits that also covers my family, not only me;  
  6. The great communication with the people and the teams within CGM Global. 

Claudiu Tamaș - Android Developer

Claudiu moved recently to his own house and this year he started gardening, which he really enjoys. Of course, now he won`t have time for his other passion, travelling, but at least he truly enjoys spending time in his little Heaven`s corner. And yes, he leaves „Heaven” from time to time, to come to office and to go to the gym. 

CGM is my second workplace. A friend of mine was already working at CGM back then and he recommended me. He told me how cool it is to work at CGM and I got interested. I came, I like it all and I immediately got hired. There were only 15 or 20 people working at CGM when I got hired and since then I watched the company growing step by step. Over the years, I switched projects and technologies, so it is basically like changing your job. But remaining in the same cool and professional environment.”  

6 reasons why I am a 6 years CGMer  

  1. Definitely the people;  
  2. The freedom of working from wherever you want;  
  3. There is no stress, no one to bug you;  
  4. The evaluation mode and the growing possibilities;  
  5. The courses, trainings, workshops and certifications;  
  6. The activities organized for us: teambuildings, parties, Insightful series and all the cool events. 

Alexandru Covașă - Senior BackEnd Developer 

Alex is passionate about sports in general, mostly about football and riding the bicycle. And the newest hobby – staying home. Before the pandemic, he hated the idea of working from home. But now, after experiencing it, he managed not only to organize himself, but also to like it. Especially that he can be closer to his two children, a toddler and a newborn.  

I would have never thought that I could stay 6 years in a company. But look at me now, celebrating 6 years at CGM. And I hope that there will be many years to come, because I really like it here and I feel amazing doing what I do and working with such great people. I like that I did a little bit of everything: Java, Kotlin, Scrum Master and Team Lead”.  

6 reasons why I am a 6 years CGMer  

  1. Stability – the direction is clear and it is that kind of firm that doesn`t disappear the next day. Besides our 6 years in Romania, the mother-company exists for 35 years, so I like this stability;  
  2. The career path that we have is extremely well organized;  
  3. Transparency in decision making;  
  4. The personal development programs – I like that we have so many trainings and opportunities and that CGM invests so much in this area. At other companies that I worked it wasn`t like that;  
  5. The internal events for CGMers, like quizzes that help us so much to bond;  
  6. The team that I am in and the people within are simply the best. 

Mălina Iurcu – QA Engineer 

She graduated from Law School, where she joined because it was fashionable at that time. She then started working in Marketing and Event Organizing, and after that she joined CGM as an Office Assistant. After 6 years, she is a QA Engineer and partially a Scrum Master. And she enjoys being in nature, relaxing surrounded by „green”, reading a good book, drinking a delicious wine, watching a movie or listening to music. 

When I think of my first day in CGM, I remember the silence, because we were just a few people. I came as an Office Assistant and I learned to do anything: accounting, office management, bills, contracts, data protection, travel papers and so on. After some time I switched to testing and now I am a QA Engineer. I can`t believe that there are 6 years already. It has been an amazing journey so far, with lots of good changes. I am grateful for all the people that I work with and that I have a job that doesn`t let me get bored.”  

6 reasons why I am a 6 years CGMer  

  1. The opportunity to learn so many things;  
  2. The people that matter so much at your workplace;  
  3. The cool internal events from which I never missed;  
  4. The flexibility and the fact that people understand you here;  
  5. The real support from the company;  
  6. The benefits and all the advantages that we have of being CGMers. 

Well, we can find lots and lots of reasons to stay in CGM for so long, but again, we will let our people and our actions speak for themselves. So, if you want to check on us and see how it`s like to be a CGMer, follow CGM Software Romania on LinkedIn and let`s get in touch. Because we are #ALLIN for having fun and creating the perfect software solutions for the international eHealth market. And we simply love this eHealth Revolution. 

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