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2022 is done. Let`s see how it was

December 27, 2022

What an incredible year we had in 2022. The world was full of challenges. We went through wars, diseases, inflation, crises and so on, but we managed to stick to our road, to stay together and to do what we know best – continuing the eHealth Revolution that Frank Gotthardt started 35 years ago.  

It was a totally full year: we now have a new team of VPs, we defined our mission, vision and values, we started the Leadership Academy Program, we welcomed many new CGMers across the country who joined our team, we launched new products and updates for our apps, we delivered an incredible number of trainings and workshops within our Learning & Development Program, we organized over 50 internal events and, of course, we had some memorable parties that made a lot of people jealous. Sorryyy 😊  

And because everything that we do is about people, with people and for people, we invited the CGMers that are spinning the wheels here to share with you how was this year for them, what are they grateful for, what did they like most this year and what are their thoughts for 2023. 

How was 2022 for the people in CGM

Roxana Crețu, Senior HR Consultant, Steering Board Member and <br>Learning & Development Area Responsible
2022 started with the lowest of low and it ended with the highest of high. After the normal fear of unknown situation in the world, we tried to figure out what can help us in thinking optimistically and finding new ways of enjoying every single day and doing meaningful things. At the highest of high, I’ve learnt once again to not take things for granted and to be grateful for everything that we have right now, especially my beloved ones and myself for being safe.

In the professional field, 2022 helped me:  
- find new ways of creating stronger bonds within our communities;   - find creative and casual ideas used in my workshops and training inside CGM;   - see that CGM Ro’s mission and values will create stronger bonds inside our teams.  
I hope 2023 will be a little bit longer than 2022 (haha), because I have tons of new ideas and directions

Roxana Crețu, Senior HR Consultant, Steering Board Member and 
Learning & Development Area Responsible

Ovidiu Drîmbă, VP on Software Development & Steering Board Member
You know that old saying with time flies when you’re having fun? It couldn’t be more accurate!   I’ll quickly jump over to say that I am continuing to be grateful for being surrounded by all these wonderful people that are helpful and supportive at any step, that are joyful to talk and to share ideas with and that are giving me that good energy to keep on going even in the nick of time.   
I am also grateful for all the hard work that everybody put in, for those pesky bugs that the teams fixed in order to ship out great products, the awesome features that were delivered in production - so from my side a big thank you for the effort!  

This year was one full of events, some of which I know that people got excited about like lots of workshops, quizzes and I think that seeing that calendar packed was a big thing for a lot of us! Mad props to everybody who was in charge of organizing the events!  
I think that 2023 will be an awesome year, having our values guide us into our journey down the road! I’m looking forward to the challenges that await us, I know that there won’t be a few, but I think that together we will manage to overcome them and, in the end, to have a lot of things to be proud of!

Ovidiu Drîmbă, VP on Software Development & Steering Board Member

Adrian Barna, VP on Software Development & Steering Board Member
I must admit that this year was exciting but also pretty challenging. It was my „first full year” as a VP and it was fun... and hard, but at the end of the day the one-million-dollar question would be if I would like to have a similar year in the future and the answer is yes.
  I grew a lot, professionally but also personally. My new role teached me how to listen to people and their needs and I think this is the most important thing. To be there for people.  
I am grateful for everything. There is a word: „The happiest people are not those who have the most, but those who need the least.” And in this moment of my life, I feel that I am on the right track, I need no more. Amazing colleagues, a great steering board team and a great family which I love and are by far the most important thing to me.  
If I look back in 2022, it is hard for me to choose only one thing I liked the most because there are so many.  If I really had to pick only one, I would say I like the vibe created within some of my teams and I can only strive to achieve that in all of my teams.  
For the next year, I have only positive thoughts. To continuously grow and become a better manager and, first of all, a better person.

Adrian Barna, VP on Software Development & Steering Board Member

Anca Pintilescu, Branch Manager
The feeling is that 2022 went so fast and, even if we knew that it will be a challenging year, because of pandemic, it was more than that. It came with a fear of the unknown and uncertainty. For the company it was not too good, because we could not plan long term activities, but we surely learned to adapt.  
It came with changes, with saying goodbye to some people and with the excitement of getting new and new colleagues.

2022 gives me mixed feelings, but in all was a year full of new beginnings, a year of tears and year of laughter, a year of adaptation and reinventing the workplace and myself.

A wish for next year: „Be good and it will come back to you

Anca Pintilescu, Branch Manager

Loredana Armanu, VP on Software Development & Steering Board Member
I just cannot believe it is December already. This year went by so fast.
If I had to describe this year in a word, I would definitely say: rollercoaster.

2022 for me was a year full of challenges and decisions. It was the first year in a long time in which I didn't have any New Year’s resolutions and yet, the most fulfilling year in my career.  

I started the year as FE Developer and Team Leader and a freshly new Functional Lead, and I ended the year as a VP Software Development. This was a huge progress for me, and I am very grateful for the people who gave me this chance and believed in me (because I didn't).
Looking back at the things that happened this year, I am proud of all the things we managed to do together.    
This year, I am most grateful for the amazing people I met, because they are the reason we achieved so many things. I am so excited to work with them in the next year and make plans together.

What I liked most this year were the events we organized together. The feedback for most of them was very good and I am glad that people want to be involved more in the communities we are trying to build here in CGM.
I am looking with confidence towards next year. I wish I will have the same energy and drive to build long lasting memories in CGM. 

Loredana Armanu, VP on Software Development & Steering Board Member

Adrian Cristea, VP on Software Development & Steering Board Member
We managed to achieve so many things together this year; we have more engaged communities, started modernizing our products, and investing more into leadership. I’m grateful for everyone’s hard work in making this happen, you guys are amazing. We definitely raised the bar, and I’m very eager to see how far we can go next year.

Adrian Cristea, VP on Software Development & Steering Board Member

Corina Matei, HR Team Lead & Steering Board Member
This year was as hard as it was necessary for me.  It was a year of important decisions, of overcoming difficult situations with a sense of accomplishment. A year in which I made changes to myself, to the way I work, to the way I want everything around me to work. I faced situations that I avoided. Of course, after these changes (which will continue), I feel the exhaustion, but also the growth and satisfaction I have, for what I was able to do.  
I am grateful for the teams I am part of, for all the people I am surrounded by and who contribute every day to the improvements we propose. And I am also extremely grateful for how much I managed to learn this year, through workshops, through discussions, through observations or by taking risks.

What I liked the most this year is the component and unity that the teams I'm part of have come to have, to observe (as always) some extraordinary evolutions in people I've known for a shorter or longer time and to be able to personally contribute to the creation and implementation of the development plans of our BU, with all the obstacles and good things together.  
This year, through the abrupt way in which everything happened, through successes, through disappointments, through accepting new experiences, gave me new perspectives, new goals, a new energy that I use for what I build from now on.  
My thoughts for 2023 are directed towards the continuation of the processes of change and improvement but balanced by the moments in which I can enjoy what I live and create.

Corina Matei, HR Team Lead & Steering Board Member

Christopher Roy Turner, General Manager CGM Software Romania
This was my first complete calendar year at CGM and for sure it will be one that I am going to remember for a very long time. It is unbelievable how fast it all ended, but also how much has happened. The way life moves forward step-by-step, continuously is just amazing. No matter what challenge, success we had it moved forward. At the end of each month, I couldn’t fathom that it had flown past us. 
For me, this year was about leadership. It was about starting our journey of rapid growth and starting to realize the potential that we have. We’ve spent more hours in leadership workshops and trainings then ever before. It is also amazing to see how some small things have started to fall into place. It is amazing to see how small initiatives have started to appear. I truly believe that this is in direct correlation due to the work we’ve done and that this is the testament that is resonating with our colleagues. I cannot wait to see how we further push down on this road.

What makes me the most grateful this year is the team that I have around me. We’ve had some changes and it is so nice to see how things have aligned. My respect and love for the dedication that they bring because it is so inspiring to me. We have a leadership team that is eager to learn and evolve, that is not afraid to admit to its mistakes, that is committed to our cause and shows a unified front. We’ve reached a point where I think all of us realize that there isn’t a challenge that we are not afraid to embark on, because we are going to do this together. It is so satisfying to see this. I think all our colleagues can also see this and I think they can also see and feel that we are in a better place than where we were 12 months ago.  

Regarding 2023? Well, it`s time to put all of this theory into perspective and practice that we’ve gained this year. We now have a clear mission, an achievable yet motivating mission and ambitious goals for our colleagues in Romania. We will be working hard on this and, oh boy, am I excited.

Thank you to everyone for the work that they have done and the dedication that they have shown and for just being a group of awesome people that I love to be around.

Christopher Roy Turner, General Manager CGM Software Romania

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