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Frank Gotthardt stays ALL IN!

April 14, 2021

"I'm staying ALL IN! … and will still be involved with great pleasure as the Chairman of CGM Management SE when all of you take our CGM to new greatness year after year under the leadership of my successor, the new CEO, Dirk Wössner.

Year after year we will continue to expand so that less and less people in the entire world have to suffer or even die only because sometime, somewhere important medical information was missing.

Our journey is remaining successful and exciting. Year after year all personnel at our company will grow even closer together and will be stronger collectively.

For those of you who like it, I would like to give a few things to take with you:

Stay curious! In the best sense, get the desire to discover new things, and dare to try something new. Your ideas and innovations are our most important asset.

Be courageous! All of you! Trust yourself to do something! Only those who take risks can win, and that is not just a privilege of a few people. Everyone can demand this of themselves.

Be confident! Always assume that your undertakings and plans will be successful. Don't ever become discouraged if something fails one time.

Stay persistent! The only people who win the race are those who are persistent.

So, in a nutshell: Stay ALL IN!

I wish everyone of you all the best in the future along with a lot of fun, happiness, success and health – and (you already guessed it) an all-time high surplus of energy!"

Frank Gotthardt, Founder of CGM and Chairman CGM Management SE

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