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Synchronizing Healthcare

We promote dialog in the healthcare sector and ensure that costs are saved in a meaningful way. Everyone should benefit from medical progress with the help of IT.

Investor Relations
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Vision & Mission

Since 1987, today's CompuGroup Medical has been working towards the vision of a digitized healthcare system. Since then, we have been relentlessly driving the development of new and vital technologies to support and improve the work and lives of healthcare professionals and citizens alike. Learn more about this vision and the mission we see ourselves on here.

Frank Gotthardt, Founder CompuGroup Medical
Nobody should suffer or die because at some point medical information was missing.

Frank Gotthardt, Founder CompuGroup Medical

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Digitization prevents dangerous drug effects

Beer on prescription? How the right data can prevent disease

We effectively provide health professionals and patients with helpful medical information for the benefit of all stakeholders in the healthcare system, always and everywhere.

We develop software to optimize the medical and administrative processes of healthcare providers, including electronic communication with the patient.

We enable all people to access relevant medical information and services regardless of location and time.

We focus on intuitive user experience, state-of-the-art technologies and uncompromising security for medical data.

Our mission

Pioneers of digitalization in medical care.

We provide a perfect working environment. We make medical and administrative data available anytime and anywhere. With our large platforms and many years of market experience, we are the driving force for more collaboration with the goal of providing the best possible and most efficient care.

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Helpers in individual health management

Everyone should be able to help shape their treatment and enjoy contributing to the maintenance of their own health. He or she must be informed and able to actively participate. Through our apps and our personal electronic patient records, everyone can be an active part of their health care and treatment. CGM makes patient-centered care possible - holistically and safely.

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Drivers of interoperability

We connect people, facilities and processes for the optimal impact of diagnosis and therapy. To do this, we offer interoperability of our platforms and pioneering technologies. We use artificial intelligence to communicate between people and machines and to develop flexible and learning smart network topologies.

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