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Frank Gotthardt, Founder of CGM

Frank Gotthardt

Founder of CompuGroup Medical and Chairman of CompuGroup Medical Management SE

Frank Gotthardt is one of the most influential personalities in the IT industry in Europe. His passion for IT and his impressive sense of business were the basis for the way to the top. He built the Koblenz-based, worldwide leading e-health company CompuGroup Medical (CGM) from scratch, has been leading and shaping it since its beginnings.

It is the feeling of dynamics paired with innovation which Frank Gotthardt loves. Exactly that dynamics that always leads to making people's lives better. For Frank Gotthardt, this is nowhere as true as where it is about the most important thing, about health.

Frank Gotthardt's visionary charisma, his cordial yet determined leading style, as well as his ambition and assertiveness give him a special place in the history of German entrepreneurs. 


Frank Gotthardt was born on August 28, 1950 in Siegen, Germany. Before he became one of the great movers in healthcare, he studied computer sciences in Bonn. As a student, he already established contacts with companies that wanted to automate and thus simplify their processes through his programming skills. He already founded his first company during his studies. In the early days of the IT industry, he developed software for the meat industry.

His big teenage love and present wife is a practicing dentist. She soon let him know about the benefits a better support in medical treatment through intelligent IT would bring for the people. Doctors rather use their power for healing than for administrative tasks. His calling then became clear to him: making IT successful in healthcare - for the benefit of everybody and for an ever-improving treatment of patients.

From then on, Mr. Gotthardt put himself at the service of doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers. His visions: making their work increasingly easy and enriching. From the recording of patients' data and controlling of treatment paths, electronic documentation and billing, a better organization of the doctor's office - right down to artificial intelligence in medicine. Starting with Ambulatory Information Systems for dentists in Germany, the way led to the now unique worldwide customer relations of CompuGroup Medical from Koblenz to Kuala Lumpur, from Kiruna to Cape Town, and from Lublin to Los Angeles. 

This success story has constantly been the search for better communication: within the doctor's office, between the doctors' offices, institutions, hospitals, laboratories, between all those involved in healthcare, and for some years now also with rapid growth with the involvement of all citizens. CGM is the driving force for connecting care providers and their patients by intelligent electronic networking. Through his work, Frank Gotthardt has conceived through is work early on:  Nobody should suffer or even die just because at some point, somewhere important medical information is missing.

The next revolution has already begun: Patients are playing a more active role in their health. Frank Gotthardt would like to help people to be in the picture, to be able to lead a helpful dialog with their doctors and pharmacists - and simply to have fun in prevention and healthcare. CompuGroup Medical offers patients many solutions for this. Today, CGM already enables secure, confidential online communication between doctors and patients and all citizens the access to health care with the consumer portal named CLICKDOC.

Frank Gotthardt manages to capture his vision every day. His customers, employees and business partners appreciate this. With all his success, Frank Gotthardt has never forgotten the social responsibility that results from it, and so he is widely involved outside the company.

In addition, he also stands up for many social projects: for German Bone Marrow Donor Center, development aid projects, for sports, youth work, and numerous beneficial regional institutions.

In all these success stories, there is also the private person Frank Gotthardt, who has been married to Dr. med. dent. Brigitte Gotthardt since he was young. Their son, Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Gotthardt, meanwhile also a successful medical doctor and entrepreneur, has become an important partner for the CEO of CompuGroup Medical. His family and that of his son are a source of joy and an important grounding for Frank Gotthardt. 

In his spare time, the entrepreneur reads a lot and enjoys his vintage cars. Frank Gotthardt is also very enthusiastic about the traditional ice hockey club "Kölner Haie."