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Give power to your patients with RecoMed online bookings!

July 8, 2022

The antidote for booking no-shows, RecoMed and CGM MEDEDI put a stop to time-wasting emails and call-backs. Built right into MEDEDI, RecoMed integrates seamlessly with your practice diary so your patients can book online at any time, from anywhere, 24/7.   


How it works

Convenient for practice managers and patients alike, RecoMed’s mobile-friendly booking platform lets patients choose if they would like an in-person or telehealth consultation. 

An appointment request is sent to the MEDEDI practice diary and you can approve or decline, depending on the availability of the doctors in your practice. Upon approval, the patient receives a confirmation via email and SMS, followed by a reminder one day before as well as on the day of their appointment. Streamline your booking process and save your practice time and money.  

Get listed in the RecoMed Practitioner Directory

Join the RecoMed practitioner network to appear in online directory searches and Google Search results for patients searching by location, speciality and rating criteria. Currently the RecoMed online healthcare directory gets over 1 million searches per month.  

Current patients can rate your practice, helping promote your practice to new patients and build the reputation of your services.  

Subscribe to RecoMed in one easy click from your CGM MEDEDI calendar.  This convenient add-on won’t break your budget as it’s a pay as you use feature, costing a only R15 per new patient and R3 per existing patient.   

Take control of your practice and start scheduling smartly with RecoMed today. 

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