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Breathing life into your practice with CGM MEDEDI’s Task Organiser!

September 1, 2022

Get the scoop on our new CGM MEDEDI Task Organiser where you can view a snapshot of your practice admin at-a-glance.  This great add-on will keep your finger on the pulse of your healthcare practice: 

  1. A new Home tab with easily recognisable buttons
  2. Notification bar to view upcoming appointments and the status of what’s paid, pending or due / access tools you often use
  3. Patient search to quickly access patient files
  4. Reminders feature for upcoming appointments
  5. MEDEDI add-on features

Our CGM MEDEDI Task Organiser is a central space to track practice performance, access tools you often use and discover add-on services.  Integrated with core MEDEDI features, it keeps you up-to-date with the latest claim responses, outstanding patient invoices, online appointments, patient registrations and other electronic remittance advice notifications.    

Designed for purpose, it streamlines and arranges your practice workflow smartly so that you and your team focus on what needs to be done, when and how to get it done.  The left menu now includes a recognisable icon and updated label for each tool to make it easier to get around: 

Easily show or hide notifications to display only those you find useful. A max of 6 can be shown at one time, including: 

Should you wish to switch between any of the selected notification items, you simply need to click on the notification block, which will then display the information below it. 

This section also includes a display of your current SMS credits for your practice profile. 

Use our powerful patient search to look up any patient by name, account number and more. A search result is displayed with the possible patients who match the particular search criteria and in this way, you can choose the patient you are looking for. Additional features include viewing or updating patient details, account credits or payments due as well as the ability to contact the patient by cell phone or email. 

View upcoming appointments for all the doctor(s) in your practice.  Toggle between multiple diaries using the funnel button, selecting the doctor's diary you wish to view.  Customise the colour of each calendar for a complete view of the practice schedule.  

Explore the MEDEDI Add-ons, which include the available value-added additional features and services that can be added to your current CGM MEDEDI practice workflow.  Select an add-on to learn more about the service. Not immediately available, these need to be activated for use in your daily workflow at an additional fee.

Activate the MEDEDI Task Organiser to practice smarter!  

Log into the CGM Customer Portal, navigate to Page Updates / Product Updates and look for the “Task Organiser” that sits under Plug-ins. Download and double-click to launch the Update Manager. Once activated, the Task Organiser will be available when you log back into CGM MEDEDI. 

Team CGM have been busy behind the scenes reimagining CGM MEDEDI to give medical practitioners like you all the tools to take control of your practice.​ 

Watch this space as we continue to add features to the CGM MEDEDI Task Organiser over time that help you offer extraordinary healthcare to your patients!

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