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HumanITy Podcast (Ep. 2) - Daniel Butze, VP Software Development CLICKDOC Consumer, CGM CompuGroup Medical

March 22, 2023

Our second episode of HumanITy - Humans of IT brings to you a special guest from Germany - Daniel Butze, VP Software Development CLICKDOC Consumer, CompuGroup Medical. 

We`ve talked with Daniel about how he was born again after his accident, how he wanted to give something back to the medical system, and how is it like to be in his role right now. Also, he told us how it is like to be the father of a teenager, how it was after divorce, and how he met his girlfriend. 

Watch the entire podcast and learn some important life and business lessons from Daniel.

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HumanITy - Humans of IT Podcast. Episode 2: Daniel Butze, VP Software Development CLICKDOC Consumer
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