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2020 Xamarin Trends

December 23, 2019

In our quest to discover and predict trends, we need to talk about cross-platform mobile app development platforms, such as Xamarin.

Xamarin is Microsoft's technology for creating native mobile applications. One of the advantages of using Xamarin is that everything you can do in Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin or Java, you can do in C# with Xamarin. Regardless of the platform, you will have a shared logic between them all.

Just as we speak, thousands of developers push commit on GitHub or talk on social platforms

This are just two examples of the popularity of Xamarin as a cross-platform mobile app development platform and his future is impossible to ignore.

  1. Rider: Rider is JetBrain's cross-platform .NET IDE, based on ReSharper to provide coding intelligence for our C# code. It also shares technology and tooling with the IntelliJ platform. With Rider every Xamarin Developer can develop applications targeting Android and/or iOS devices. We can write code and make use of code analysis, coding assistance, refactoring and debugging features, built-in tools like Version Control and the NuGet client, and deploy and debug our apps on emulated or real devices. If you’re building mobile games, Rider comes with tooling for Unity as well.
  2. Wearable Devices: In the next year we will pay close attention to wearable devices. One sector where wearables will have one important role is the Healthcare section. These devices facilitate access for patients to the healthcare system and Xamarin app development will be a 2020 trend in this direction.
  3. Reactive UI: ReactiveUI is a framework that can help you out with writing your code in a more declarative way. So, you write your statements in such a way that you tell what you want to achieve as a result. So it’s less about how you want it to be done. I believe that in the next year as a Xamarin developer will need to focus more on ReactiveUI.

Only time will tell what trends will shape mobile software development. However, what’s clear is that smartphone users are well set to have a good time. As of mobile app developers and development; well, that battleground will remain as competitive as it has always been.


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