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We promote dialog in the healthcare sector and ensure that costs are saved in a meaningful way. Everyone should benefit from medical progress with the help of IT.

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We are drivers of interoperability.

CompuGroup Medical further drives digitization in healthcare: first e-health connector approved 

Today, KoCoBox MED+ from CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG (CGM), the first e-health connector received a...

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CompuGroup Medical completes acquisition of parts of Cerner's European hospital information system business 

CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA (CGM) has acquired parts of Cerner's business in Germany and Spain. The...

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Telematics Infrastructure – start of installations for field testing of the new KIM communications standard 

The new KIM communications standard is about to undergo testing at 50 doctor’s surgeries, 16 dental practice...

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COVID-19: CompuGroup Medical provides telemonitoring to relieve hospitals 

COVID-19 patients who remain in home quarantine after inpatient hospital treatment can be treated further ...

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Telematics Infrastructure: Doctors to test NFDM and eMP 

CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG (CGM) has been installing the necessary components for testing the new ...

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We connect people, facilities and processes for the optimal impact of diagnosis and therapy. To do this, we offer interoperability of our platforms and pioneering technologies. We use artificial intelligence to communicate between people and machines and to develop flexible and learning smart network topologies.