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Hannes Reichl is ALL IN!

April 7, 2021

"I'm ALL IN! ...all along my CGM journey, which began in 1998 as a support agent and has gradually led me to my current responsibility. And it has been a journey in which I have been meeting many CGMers from a lot of countries. It has always been a great pleasure for me to work with people from different cultures, to form multinational teams, and to focus on mutual success!

This way, we're handling the biggest projects, be it the largest project order in CGM history in 2019 with NÖKIS or the Cerner acquisition in 2020, which we finally got done in just 4 weeks. Everybody works together, hierarchy is not important, and it is okay for everybody to get their hands dirty - it all depends on the result! And looking into the future, I know that our success story will continue! Since we have the most modern technological platform, we have to help bring hospital digitization up to an internationally leading level. EUR 4,300,000,000 in subsidies (Hospital Future Act) want to be used to this end! As suddenly and unexpectedly as Corona swept over us, as surely and predictably the demographic development will change our society - and we also have the solutions here to make life easier for caregivers and people in need of care.

Many cordial thank yous to all companions for countless ALL IN!s - yesterday, today, and tomorrow!"

Hannes Reichl, Managing Director Clinical and Social Care