RIS – management of a diagnostic facility

RIS, or a Radiology Information System is an innovative software solution designed to enable the support and comprehensive management of a diagnostic imaging facility. The module fully integrates with other systems and enables a smooth exchange of data within the facility. Its main features include: registration of orders, creating interpretations of imaging examinations, generating reports as well as administration.


Selected functionalities:


  • management of a number of diagnostic facilities e.g., radiology, endoscopy, ultrasound procedure rooms
  • registration of patients for diagnostic examinations
  • creation of waiting lists
  • creation of schedules
  • entering descriptive examination results
  • defining screens depending on the specific nature of a facility and user preferences
  • access to structured examination result forms
  • generating different types of reports
  • speech recognition and converting it to text
  • access to a patient index with an option to edit data
  • invoicing
  • integration with the diagnostic software by different manufacturers. Diagnostic software can be automatically run from the RIS.