Manage your hospital work in a complex manner

The best solutions for a hospital are characterized by the features improving the work of the facility and enabling the reduction of its functioning costs. Introduction of improvements should be associated with the improved quality of rendered services – your patients deserve the best.

Modern hospital

Nowadays, a medical facility should be oriented towards digitisation. Because the conversion to digital management of hospitals is inevitable, we decided to provide our clients with proper tool. CGM CLININET HIS medical system is an excellent example of cooperation between experienced doctors and programmers. eManagement of the whole hospital work is possible by means of created software while maintaining the maximum level security.

Recipe for success

The system has been designed in a manner enabling the management of daily work of your whole hospital. CGM CLININET HIS facilitates coordination of all departments, between the reception, procedure rooms, admission room and operating rooms or medical transport. The personnel work will be possible irrespective of the place as a result of integration with mobile technologies. Individual modules are managed intuitively. Thus, it is possible to save time. Simply adapt the types of required modules to the needs of your facility to make the patients care more efficient.

CGM CLININET is one of the most advanced and mature products on the market, implemented in the largest health care units in Poland. The system works well both in small, 50-bed hospitals, as well as those with 1500 beds. CGM CLININET is able to handle from 10 to 500 or more workstations working in parallel.

9 reasons for which CGM CLININET HIS medical system is the best solution for your facility.

Use the medical system wherever you are

Thanks to web architecture you are provided with free access to the system. Everything you need is a web browser.

Installation and configuration is unnecessary

Therefore it is possible to save your valuable time.

Significant costs reduction

Average reduction of diagnostic imaging and treatment costs by 10%.

Simplified work

It is unnecessary to enter the same data every time.

Reduced period of patient’s hospitalization

Thanks to improvements, the patients are discharged from hospital earlier.

Access to diagnostic materials

Thanks to conversion to wholly digital image processing technology, the permanent access to diagnostic data is possible through medical system.


The highest security standards are ensured by means of SSL protocol as well as by means of other advanced protections. Complete confidentiality of data is warranted.

Comfort of work

CGM CGLININET HIS medical system cooperates with various types of diagnostic equipment (DICOM, non-DICOM).

Adaptation to needs

Depending on the size of your facility, the scope of implementation of medical system may relate to all modules or only to selected ones. It is possible to launch further functionalities at any time.

Multimedia Patient Record

Thanks to software designing on the basis of the latest IT achievements it is possible to build unique solutions. As a result of many years of our works we have created the Electronic Patient Record (ERP) dedicated to the needs of healthcare sector.

The Multimedia Patient Record is created by means of medical data originating from various organizational units and made available in the same place. It is possible as a result of integration of textual and multimedia results, information about medicines taken and other contents of medical documentation of the patient including settlement and statistical data. The users are provided with access to medical data generated in course of the entire treatment process in diagnostic, radiology, endoscopic and USG laboratories. The review of historical patients examinations is possible by means of web browser in a very simple and quick manner.  

CGM CLININET has been created as an integrated information system dedicated for complex computerization of hospitals and outpatient clinics in order to enable the management of medical facility, treatment processes and medical information. CGM CLININET makes it possible to improve the functioning of health protection facilities, to facilitate the settlements with payers, to optimize the costs and to create medical documentation in electronic version.

System scalability

CGM CLININET system enables its extension depending on needs, without the necessity to modify and to launch any additional software. Therefore it is possible to launch and implement new modules and to connect further organizational units to the system integrated in a manner enabling its development with the growth of medical facility. Further extension is facilitated thanks to application of advanced server technologies and virtualization. Openness to integration with software supplied by other manufacturers gives the freedom of choice of specialized modules in future. CGM CLININET is successfully used in larger and in smaller facilities. The functional scope and number of modules depend on clients expectations and on individual needs of facility.

Comfort of work

Thanks to unique features of CGM Polska technology and the engagement of medical personnel in creation and designing process of applications it was possible to create the software adapted to the needs of users and to specific character of individual organizational units. The user – doctor, nurse, medical secretary, technician, system administrator or even hospital directors – may have defined look of application screens in accordance with their work place and preferences. They can also adapt selected system options to individual needs on their own.

Integration with systems supplied by other manufacturers

CGM CLININET system enables online cooperation with other IT solutions based on internationally recognized HL7 standard which has been created for the needs of communication between medical systems. The purpose of HL7 standard is to ensure the correct data flow between the systems regardless of manufacturer and used technology. Dedicated standard interfaces or interfaces developed for the needs of specified project are used in the scope of communication with non-medical solutions.

Since the beginning of its activity CGM Polska has applied open standards of data exchange. Therefore, today, having learned a valuable lesson from our extensive experience we cane pride ourselves on implementation of several extended installations. In the framework of such projects we can exchange medical data between CGM CLININET systems and the systems supplied by other manufacturers e.g. Agfa, Alteris, Asseco, Info‑publishing, Kamsoft, Marcel. It is also possible to integrate CGM CLININET system with ERP systems supplied by other manufacturers (SIMPLE ERP, Sage Symfonia Forte, Asseco InfoMedica, Comarch CDN XL, Teta ERP, Bomark ERP etc.). Data exchange is carried out in online mode by means of files in the format required by the manufacturer of specified ERP system. Online integration is possible4 by means of Web Services as well as directly on the database level.

Deputy to Director M.Sc. Marek Ziegman, Instytut Gruźlicy i Chorób Płuc [Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Research Institute], Warsaw, Poland</span><span> 
We have successfully used CGM CLININET HIS for several years. Therefore it was possible to resolve a number of our problems. This is one of our best projects in the recent years. We recommend it to everyone.

Deputy to Director M.Sc. Marek Ziegman, Instytut Gruźlicy i Chorób Płuc [Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Research Institute], Warsaw, Poland