Manage your whole hospital and increase the patients satisfaction by means of tailor – made system

Managing a large medical facility is a very complex process that requires proven solutions to facilitate the control and coordination of work. CGM CLININET, a comprehensive IT system which increases efficiency and facilitates the flow of medical information, is the answer to your needs

CGM CLININET is a system that enables consistent collection of all medical patient data, ranging from registration, though patient traffic in the hospital, clinics, operating rooms, wards, to diagnostic procedure rooms – and the creation of a comprehensive, multimedia Electronic Patient Record.

Tailored system modules replace the existing tools and allow for optimizing the process of hospitalization for your patients. With IT solutions introduced across all structures of your facility, the flow of information between the departments will be smooth and automatic. This will save a lot of time and enable adequate control of the operation of individual units.

CGM solutions are the future of your hospital and the best choice on the way to improving your patient service.

Hospital Information System
Radiology Information System
Endoscopy Clinical Information System