Nowadays, the proven and secure tools are the basis of functioning of modern diagnostic facilities

Scalability of CGM NETRAAD teleradiology system leads to economic benefits – regardless of facility size.

Continuous development is required due to growing competition on medical market. Thanks to modern solutions, your facility is likely to become a leader, not only on the local market which results not only in greater opportunities but also higher satisfaction of patients.

Our extensive experience and the knowledge acquired from daily work of specialists resulted in the creation of CGM NETRAAD teleradiology system. Our main aim in course of system designing was to reduce the costs. We have achieved our dream goal thanks to improvement of actions and the transition to fully filmless operation of diagnostics entities.

As a result of reorganization in the form of electronic patient records you will be able to eliminate the films and traditional photos. CGM NETRAAD teleradiology system is characterized by order combined with intuitive operation. Along with access to CGM NETRAAD you are provided with the access to four functional module fully integrated together. They will help you organize your knowledge. Therefore, it will be possible to improve quality of service. The patient’s satisfaction is our and your primary objective.

The picture archiving and communication system (PACS) will contain all diagnostic images and the diagnostic facility work management will be a pure pressure thanks to RIS system. CGM NETRAAD Web teleradiology system makes it also possible to use the resources of diagnostic laboratory regardless of location. This way you might help many patients for whom it was difficult to provide assistance so far.

The introduction of CGM NETRAAD teleradiology system is the best way of safe computerization of your facility or diagnostics imaging laboratory.

9 reasons for which CGM NETRAAD CGM teleradiology system is the best solution for your facility:

It is possible to use CGM NETRAAD system regardless of location:

Thanks to WWW architecture you are provided with free access to the system. Everything you need is a web browser.

Installation and configuration is unnecessary:

Therefore it is possible to save your valuable time.

Remote consultations of cases:

It is possible to provide assistance also in places where you are unable to reach.

Scanning of traditional photos

All you need is to add them to digital base in order to increase the possibilities of their analysis.

3 types of images and hierarchical structure:

Diagnostic and reference images as well as icons are available in order to provide more convenient use. Each database is characterized by hierarchical structure in order to make the work more systematic.

CGM NETRAAD integration:

The system can be integrated with solutions supplied by other manufacturers. It is possible thanks to full compatibility with HL7 protocol. You do not have to eliminate any already proven programs.

Safety first:

The highest security standards are ensured by means of SSL protocol as well as by means of protections. Complete confidentiality of your data is warranted.

Freedom of action:

CGM NETRAAD can be connected to various types of diagnostics equipment (DICOM, non-DICOM).

Control and analysis:

Possibility to use current and historical examinations, records, statistics and internal settlements.

CGM NETRAAD enables complex management of diagnostics facilities and ensures smooth and secure transmission of visual and textual data within the hospital, outpatient clinic or medical network on the basis of web technology. Additional benefit consists in uniform management of authorizations, users, dictionaries and forms by means of a common administrative module. In case of radiology system integration with CGM CLININET HIS, the electronic images from radiology laboratories are available in the framework of multimedia patient record within the whole hospital information system.