Powerful DICOM Viewer at your fingertips

All the necessary tools in one application

DICOM viewer provides physicians with tools dedicated to measure studies in a form of medical images. Displaying the images by using a medical imaging software is another step in the development of medical technology that easily replaces sheet on film.

CGM DIAGRAAD’s Standard version is equipped with the most basic tools which are needed for manipulation and measurements of all medical images in DICOM format. Easy to use with a user-friendly interface, it is dedicated for the daily usage of diagnostic departments.


Take advantage of DICOM viewer and see how simple it is with usage of following group of tools:


  • several functions for vieweing images
  • import and export of medical images
  • printing pictures
  • handling images
  • advanced measurments tools

Looking for something more? Check out CGM DIAGRAAD Professional which is advanced DICOM Viewer for professionals.