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Best practices for switching your EHR

If you’re thinking about changing your software, you’re not alone.

According to this Medical Economics EHR Report Card, 71 percent of physician respondents indicated that their practice has already used more than one EHR. Dissatisfied with their current system, high-level physicians and admins almost always begin the transition process by asking, “What are the best practices for switching EHRs?” 

Undertaking an EHR switch can feel daunting—after all, it’s a big investment. You may be wondering: 

  • How do I identify the need for an EHR switch?
  • What steps should I take to find the right vendor for my practice?
  • How can I best prepare my practice to make this change?

To help you on your journey, read this whitepaper to learn how to successfully switch EHRs.

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